Month: January 2015

A quick note and the weird Avondale news

So we had a baby. No, really. The two people who started vaguely doing this site 7 years ago made a human. She’s real cute. I am confident at some point in the not too distant future we’ll start worrying about local music, Kickstarted signs, and Kanye West again. But for now the relative merits of Pampers Swaddlers versus Baby Dry is quite consuming.

But how could I not mention this to you. Brian is responsible for bringing a heck of a lot of good bands through this city, and he’s opening up across the street from Avondale Brewery. It’s almost a can’t-miss proposition for him, assuming that he has the money to get it going proper. Not that I’ll be going to any shows there. I’ll be going through the 872 wet wipes I bought at Sam’s Club on Monday.

I think it’s too early to say anything more about this. I think it’s pretty exciting, and I think the parking on 41st is going to be even worse.

I also think that the wetness stripe on Pampers Swaddlers is really a game changer.