Month: October 2014

Everything you ever wanted from a 4 minute video showcasing one of Birmingham’s color tunnels

Jan-David Soutar stood still for at least four minutes and forty seven seconds to produce this. Jan-David also really digs Beach House.



It’s pretty much Fall now and we’ve found you some new songs for you to listen to on our monthly mixtape. Whit added the newest track from Kendrick Lamar, some Tweedy, New Pornographers, future mega star Sam Smith, and a new one off the new Interpol record.

I’ve trying to reach back and listen to some indie records and bands that I may have skipped in the past so I picked my new favorite song of the moment “Autumn Sweater” by Yo La Tengo and I also added some tracks from the likes of Caribou, a song from the new Karen O record, Ought, a New Order cover by Galaxie 500, and tight Nerves cover by Real Estate.

Culture Czar contributed the new one from TV on the Radio, some King Khan and BBQ and Black Lips (GARAGE PUNK RAWK!), as well as AnCO and a unique track from industrial, avant-garde group Einstürzende Neubauten. The Czar is always good for adding some really cool, unique songs to this mix. is very pleased to announce our celebrity guest picker for this month’s mixtape. For our first picker we’ve enlisted Birmingham internet legend Rick Muscles to contribute some of his favorite songs and man did he pick some good ones! Here’s what Rick had to say about “Ricks Picks”:


Diarrhea Planet :: Ghost w/ a Boner – 4 guitars or life as a barista. These Bros play like they’re running as far away from a desk job as possible. I chose Ghost with a Boner because it reminds me of the time I snuck into my girlfriend’s apt.

Dan Deacon :: True Thrush – Dan Deacon’s music reminds me of Pee Wee’s Playhouse. It’s fast, full of wonder and funny. When I listen to his music in the morning, I pretend I’m waking up just like Pee Wee did in Big Adventure. I just need a bowl of Mr T cereal.

Bass Drum of Death :: Get Found – The next generation of Southern punk rock. These dudes have skills and still play with a reckless abandon. In my 20s, I only had the abandon. Like football in Mississippi, these fellas are going places.

Jay Reatard :: Night of Broken Glass – No jokes and he needs no introduction. Can’t get this song out of my head. RIP Reatard

blink 182 :: Dammit – This song was released 17 years ago and 17 years ago I was young. Throw on your baggy jeans, frost your tips and hide your maxim magazine from Mom because we were cool.

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This weekend marks one of the biggest weekends in college football, specifically the Southeastern Conference. There are several marquee games being played in the SEC amongst what some would call “rival” teams. With “rivalry” games comes trash talk, media hype, and, of course, internet trolls.

In 1991 the band Blur released their second single of their career “There’s No Other Way”. It was a massive hit in the UK. Now, this doesn’t have too much to do with college football and the video has nothing to do with it but the lyrics to this song are an eerily good answer to the trash talking, hype, and trolling I mentioned above.

Here are the lyrics:

You’re taking the fun
Out of everything
Making me run
When I don’t want to think
You’re taking the fun
Out of everything
I don’t want to think at all

There’s no other way
There’s no other way
All that you can do
Is watch them play

You’re taking the fun
Out of everything
You’re making it clear
When I don’t want to think
You’re taking me up
When I don’t want to go up anymore
I’m just watching it all

Crazy right? Everyone in this part of the country loves their college football and their college football teams but all the rigamarole that comes with these big weekends gets super old and takes away some of the more fun aspects of the game, but we all do it and it’s all part of being a fan. Blur inadvertently summed all of that up in this classic song.

Here’s the video for “There’s No Other Way:”