BHAMFM’s History: The Old & The New

Local historians BhamWiki document our rich history better than we ever could.

Also, this is why we had to switch our dot game up and are no longer BHAM.FM. Youll wanna read this. Do it now.

None of this could’ve happened without all of our amazing writers & photographers, past + now present. The wiki site does an amazing job of comprehensively listing our alumni and everyone of them deserve every good thing that can ever come to them.

We’re out here working for Birmingham and as anyone who’s lived here long enough knows, it can be intensely rewarding, infinitely creative but a thankless task at times. Strap in y’all and welcome to the NEW BHAMFM.

Here’s our old digs, which are probably familiar to folks who read us from 2007-2011.


You also may remember us from some of the shows at Bottletree, Speakeasy, Magic City Wholesale, The Red Cat (formerly O’Kafes) & WorkPlay. All in all we booked over 20 concerts, with all show posters designed by local artists and BHAMFM former editor/designer Sam George, Chris Mitchell & Shawn Avery.


Also, editor Whitney Mitchell created & coordinated the fest that came to become the now Birmingham staple, Secret Stages! Two years after the show, a new group of folks approached Whitney about carrying on the name- and of course she said yes. Here’s the ’09 flyer made by former co-editor (and current festival torchbearer) Sam George! Here’s a few more details, including Whit’s interview with local NPR affiliate WBHM explaining BHAMFM’s brainchild.

Here are some pictures from the event, which featured baby versions of what went on to become Dexateens, Belle Adair, Banditos, The Glory Fires and St Paul & The Broken Bones.

Together with Skybucket Records, BHAM.FM also helped put on the first ever showcase featuring all Alabama artists at South by Southwest in Austin, TX.


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