It’s nice to have you in Birmingham unless you are part of the problem

It’s important, above all, to do things the right way. Support those who are here to protect our rights as citizens. Our Trademark Protectors at Yellowhammer Creative are the arbiters of the It’s Nice To Have You In Birmingham™ logo now. What you, as a citizen must do, is purchase this shirt only from them. As you have seen from recent news, there is some debate as to the ownership of this trademark. Let’s be very clear, according to our Trademark Stewards, someone wanting to use this logo must pay them. A small initial payment of $18,000, and then a mere $6,000 for the first five years. After that, the benevolence will rain down upon those who want to continue to use the logo. Only $3,000 a year for the next five years will be required.

After the ten year period, it is unclear what will happen if you are still using what has been clearly defined as their logo. A document from their lawyer that clearly states that the logo “is now synonymous with Yellowhammer such that the general public presumes the firm’s involvement when seeing the mark.”

Perhaps, in 2025, Yellowhammer Creative will have created a new historical logo that will be both created before they were born and at the same time be their very own, trademarked logo.

You may have heard unsubstantiated rumors that Andre Natta made shirts with this logo a year or two before Yellowhammer Creative did. These are unsubstantiated lies, and you should not click on that link to see them.

There’s also the small matter of the historical significance and use of the logo. Once again, you should not click on that link, and not look at this picture, from 1963.


There is nothing to see here other than clear fabrications. Purchase your $20 t-shirt immediately. Support the tremendous creative talents in our city and don’t allow this beloved logo fall into the wrong hands. They may use it in ways that would be embarrassing to our city’s image.



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