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You’ll recognize our writers from their pieces in The Birmingham News, Birmingham Magazine, RapGenius, MostlyJunkFood, WELD, Crowded Magazine, PASTE, the Birmingham Weekly and The New York Times.

13339_239138384275_1110924_nWhitney Sides Mitchell is a lifelong Birmingham native, songwriter, sister & editor. She was touted as “the whitest girl you know” by the other DJs at her college radio station. She started BHAMFM with writer & photographer Chris Mitchell in 2007 and went on to join forces with Sam George, former editor of the Bham Weekly. Together they reviewed local bands & booked shows of their own… most notably the original Secret Stages showcase. BHAMFM was relaunched in 2013. Whitney and Chris are now married with a rabid Diet Coke habit.






Chris Mitchell grew up in a blue house in Roebuck. One time a friend let him borrow a copy of Danzig II: Lucifuge on tape. The liner notes unfolded into an upside down cross just as his mother walked into the room. She didn’t notice though. Chris likes fuzzy, noisy things and playing video games and mining odd crypto currencies.








Aaron Tallo was born in Los Angeles,. He spent a short time living in Memphis, but did his growing up in North Mississippi. Now Aaron calls Birmingham home. He is obsessed with music and sound. Please let him help you find your new favorite band.

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Justin Tidwell has all the musical knowledge of a seasoned musician who just so happens to not be able to play an instrument at all. Born and raised in North Alabama where country music is king so he’ll always have a soft spot for pedal steel but punk rock has my heart. Somewhere in that broad spectrum of sound is a perfect mix of gravelly, southern slang, backed by rowdy guitars and heavy hitting drums. He calls it a Southern Punk Revival; welcome to church.

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Erik Evans has been a metal musician for the better part of twenty years. Or was, rather. Now he occasionally practices law in Memphis, plays with puppy, and wonders how his liver is still intact.

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858069_557665237585111_1360789298_oBrian Oliu is originally from New Jersey & has taught at the University of Alabama since receiving his M.F.A. in 2009. His work has been anthologized in Best Creative Nonfiction Volume 2, 30 Under 30: An Anthology of Innovative Fiction, & has been twice selected as a Notable Essay in the Best American Essays series. He is the author of So You Know It’s Me, a collection of Craigslist Missed Connections, & Level End, a series of lyric essays about videogame Boss Battles.





photoTrey Irby
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6532_708024271795_5430285_nDavid A. Smith is a freelance photographer living in the Birmingham metro area.  Initially growing up in Pinson and spending the past 13 years in the Tuscaloosa area, David has returned home to the greater Magic City area.  When he is not spending his time photographing weddings or portraits, he’s usually photographing live music.That’s what brings him to this site.  After years of photographing the music scene in Tuscaloosa, David has branched out to photographing national touring acts.  The local scene in Birmingham, though, still has his attention.  He loves documenting live music, regardless the scope and size of the act.You can check out his work at and