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TWiSM is the Intergalactic Batman this city deserves


  • Video:  Beastie Boys’ “Intergalactic” vocal tracks
  • Date:  September 27
  • Source:  Youtube

I find myself, intermittently, still in a state of mourning over the end of the Beastie Boys, especially its cause, the death of the brilliant MCA, who in addition to being the axis of the Beasties was also a great director, curator, and activist.  No amount of praise and diligent love will do his loss any justice or bring back one of the greatest hip hop groups of all time.  Think about what (among other things) was left in his wake:  two sad Beastie Boys.  Imagine a sad Beastie Boy.  Imagine Ad-Rock crying.  It’s simply unjust.

While I’m certain that there are so many Beastie Boy songs we’ve yet to hear, there’s still some exploring to do with the wealth of music and videos they gave us.  Case in point:  the isolated vocal tracks from perhaps their most popular single, “Intergalactic.”  This isn’t some exercise in novelty, like David Lee Roth’s vocals from “Runnin With The Devil,”  which was just as impressive as it was a masterpiece of unintentional hilarity.

There’s nothing unintentional about how awesome that is.  It’s funny, sure, because the lyrics include so many inside-rap jokes and Strek Trek punchlines, but what’s immediately apparent is the musicality, the chemistry, and the everlasting cool of three of the oldest of old school spitters.  And now that the acapella tracks are out there, can we please get some ridiculous-ass remixes of this? Please?  It’s only a matter of time.

* * *

  • Video:  King Krule performing “A Lizard State” on Conan
  • Date: November 5
  • Source:

Whitney (aka “The Boss”) has already had her say about King Krule back in September,  but that’s not gonna stop me from putting in my two shiny cents.  King Krule first blipped on my radar back when he first changed his name from Zoo Kid and released the “Out Getting Ribs” single.  His marriage of indie R&B and cockney’d geezer is pure cinema in sound.  He’s a fantastic character who has so far written a decent handful of fantastic songs.  And I mustn’t rest without mentioning that he looks like Ron Weasley, because he’s a lanky, ruddy, youngster.  Match that with his booming voice and you’ve got quite the arresting sight.

That, my new bham friends, is a goddamn legendary musical performance.  Any of the old-ass rockist haters who think that music is somehow inferior nowadays because kids don’t play instruments can eat dicks bigger than their SUVs.  The horns, courtesy of Conan’s “Basic Cable Band,” are pretty faithful to the arrangement on record, and the band, a bunch of kids, mind you, hit the groove like jazz vets from a mad science accident.  There’s a drum fill before the second bridge that has brought me back to this video a few times now.  And who has time for re-watching all but the most exceptional things these days, right?  That’s why it’s on my shit list, in a good way.

* * *

  • Comic:   Batman: The Deal fanfic masterpiece
  • Date:  November 6
  • Source:  Artist’s Blog

Now, I don’t think I ever said that music was the only thing that makes me recoil in ecstasy, did I?  I’m just as likely to devote an entire month to an X-Men cartoon as I am to doing important things, like eating at regular intervals.  A.V. Club is my newspaper.  And sometimes things bubble up from the depths of the tumblrverse that are happy accidents worth celebrating because of their inexplicable brilliance.  I can’t help but think, I could have missed this, but I didn’t.  It’s a miracle that things get found at all.

This comic landed on my Facebook desk earlier today (time of writing, 11am 11/11) hot off of the Internet presses.  And it’s a doozy.

There’s gonna be some spoilers in here, so just go ahead and read it, I’ll wait.  

BAM!  Motherfucker, did you read that shit?  What the actual fuck?!  First of all, the illustrations are brilliant.  With a feral art style similar to the excellent Batman: Year 100  [Editor’s Note: That’s Paul Pope, and he is a badass] and a poignant death story where both Batman and The Joker meet their doom together, as it most definitely should be, those elements alone, done well, are enough to give pause, but that’s not all.  Woven into this tragic end to the Batman Myth is one of the most touching monologues from one of our most tragic cultural losses:  the late, great Bill Hicks.  Not just any monologue either, but his poignant, provocative “Life Is A Ride” bit from his special Revelations from 1993, delivered by a man who was himself dying of cancer.

It captures the duality of a singular Batman-Joker entity and its demise, what it means to be on either side of that extreme, and how both are destined to exist and vanish as one.  All of this done for free, by fans.  Can we talk DC comics into shoving money at them so that we can make this canon?  Can we all really just stop trying to make good Batman stories after that one?  If The Dark Knight had ended this way, people would have stopped making comic book movies.

* * *

Anyway, that’s my rant.  Until next time.  

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