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Well it’s finally spring time, sort of, and it’s time to get excited for some new releases. Last quarter I told you about Beck, St. Vincent and many others, and now we have a few more new releases I really think you should be excited about. Here we go.

Mac Demarco :: Salad Days (out on April 1, April Fools!, 2014, Captured Tracks Records)

Good news for Mac fans, you actually can hear this record in its entirety on NPR’s music website and its totally worth it! Fellow BHAMFM man Culture Czar and I, Mac’s Birmingham fan base (ha!), will be trekking to Atlanta in April to see Mac and the boys and cool opener, and one of my current favorites, Juan Wauters. I keep trying to tell you about this guy, so listen up!

Chromeo :: White Women (out May 12, via Atlantic Records)

Chromeo are back and funkier then ever! (Sorry, that was lame.) You can count on danceable beats, funky synths, and talk-box vocals! The new record will feature some major guests like Chaz from Toro y Moi and Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend. They have a few singles floating out there and by the sound of those songs this should be a really fun record. Check out this one called “Jealous (I Aint’ With It):

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart :: Days of Abandon (out April 22 on Yebo Music)

You may have attended “The Pains” show at Bottletree on March 21, if you did then you probably heard a ton of new material from the band. They are following up their smash debut record from 2011, “Belong”. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart are one of the most fun and exciting bands out there. Here’s a hot new single to check out:

Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks :: Enter the Slasher House (out April 8 on Domino Records)

Avey Tare, of Animal Collective, will be debuting his new project Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks this April with a collection of trippy, psychedelic garage rock songs, Enter the Slasher House. The band features Angel Deradoorian (Dirty Projectors) and Jeremy Hyman (Ponytail). Avey and the gang will be on a tour this spring and summer with a stop near us at the Masquerade in Atlanta. Check out “Little Fang” below:

Cloud Nothings :: Here and Nowhere Else (out April 1 on Carpark Records)

Following up their critically acclaimed 2012 release “Attack on Memory”, Cloud Nothings are dropping their highly anticipated new record “Here and Nowhere Else” this April. At only 22 years old, Dylan Baldi has already written four full length albums and garnered positive attention from some of the biggest music outlets in the world as well as a huge fan following. He’s making a name for himself as one of the best songwriters in the indie world. I have a strong feeling this record will end up being one of the best indie rock albums of the year. Here’s the new single “I’m Not Part of Me”:

Oasis :: Definitely, Maybe (Reissue out May 14 via Big Brother Recordings)

Get this, Definitely, Maybe is 20 years old this August. Yes, I’m serious. The good news is now you can buy a reissued, remastered copy on vinyl this May. This is one of the most iconic and important albums of the 1990s second coming of the British Invasion and now you can buy a special edition copy. Even though Liam says not to buy it, I still think it would be a pretty cool record to have in your collection. They also released some of the demos from Definitely, Maybe on cassette but those went pretty quick. They will have a special 12 inch release coming out on Record Store Day as well. Here’s a classic track from the aforementioned album to help you remember if they were any good:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t forget to go and purchase these records, if available, at your local record store on RECORD STORE DAY! This year it’s on April 19th and you can click here to see if your local store is participating and what kind of specials they will have this year. Records are cool again, remember?


Birmingham’s Eerie, Indiana keeps house show hope alive

eerie3This past Saturday night I attended my first show at the house venue Eerie, Indiana, which was formerly known as Helm’s Deep under different home owners. Helm’s Deep had its final show in November 2013, after hosting punk and metal shows in its basement since Summer 2011. After Jamie Sellers and Manda worked so hard to make that basement show-ready when they first moved in, it is reassuring to know that the shows there did not end when their lease did.

Saturday night’s show was themed “The Mighty Mobile Invasion Show,” with the lineup of The Jack Blind Band, Baron KrelveCarnival Bill Carney, and Tony Tornado. The bill was very eclectic compared to when it was Helm’s Deep. Home owner Cortney Noelle commented, “We like to pride ourselves on being an environment where all kinds of bands feel welcome. I know previously it was an exclusively punk/metal DIY venue, but we’ve had a lot of fun bringing all kinds of musicians into the picture– it’s about giving people a place to feel comfortable regardless of what kind of your music you’re into.” Building upon this ideal, home owner Amber Slanders stated that “I spent the better part of the last 12 years roaming this country, looking for lawd-knows-wut.

Despite every place being radically different, each with it’s own set of pros and cons, there was a common denominator. Every city, be it rural or metropolitan had this underground network of lovable weirdos who were fighting to keep a sense of community alive and the glue that was holding it all together was the music. And oh, the music… I had never seen anyone play with such fierceness, such heart than I did in basements and backyards, living rooms and laundry rooms. Sometimes there were 5 people in attendance, sometimes there were a hundred, but my heart would always swell as the first notes drifted out over us and it felt like coming home. Like waking up. I’ve always known that this was something I wanted to bring to people. I’ve always wanted to make people feel the way that I felt in those places I shouldn’t have belonged, where I was always welcomed with open arms and a beer.”

Though Cortney also said that she was drawn to diy shows when she went to her first show at Cave 9 nearly 10 years ago, their housemate Carmen Wilde admitted to never really giving much thought to hosting house shows until Eerie, Indiana started coming together. Carmen referenced being really inspired by Transylvania, another DIY house in Southside, (, and Tuscaloosa’s former DIY house, Baby Haus.

As for where the house got its name, Amber revealed that Eerie, Indiana is “a show I grew up totally enamored with. It was like a 90’s preteen X-Files or Twilight Zone. Definitely a place I wanted to live as a kid, and hey, I guess I got my wish.”

I’m really glad that house shows are still thriving in Birmingham. I had a great time Saturday night. It drew out a different crowd than I’m used to seeing at shows, the majority which I didn’t know, and that was refreshing. I even had several friends who don’t usually go to many shows come out, so that was exciting too. I think my favorite part of the night was seeing a man there who looked like he was at least 65, and he was getting into it. I talked to him a little after the show and he told me that we are very lucky to have houses like that to host good bands like those, and that was pretty inspiring to me. When I pointed out the older guy dancing to my friend Sam Sanders, he declared that was going to be him one day. I sure hope so.
In closing, Amber added that “The shows have been incredible thus far. Absolutely incredible. Everyone has had a blast, bands and visitors alike. And as I stand in our basement, beer in hand, I feel those notes wash over me again and I know that I am home.”
Eerie, Indiana (  is located at 1631 11th Place South. Their next show isThursday, April 3rd with August Spies (, Rumble Pack (, Burns Like Fire (, and Handsome Scoundrels (

Alabama Live Music Calendar 3/27-3/29

Looking for trouble? Justin’s back and BHAMFM has the one true and final list on what’s popping off this weekend.

Friday (3/28)

Birmingham/Tuscaloosa –

  • ·         The Nick: Andy Lees / Mockingbird Sun
  • ·         Sound & Page: Jillian Edwards
  • ·         Zydeco: Unknown Hinson / Fifth on the Floor
  • ·         Workplay: Icon for Hire / A New Kind of Hero
  • ·         Iron City: Marc Harris / Aretta Woodruff
  • ·         Black Market (5pts): Geeked Out Tour
  • ·         Avondale: Chad Fisher Group / Preservation Hall Jazz Band
  • ·         Moonlight Mtn: Jenny & Tyler / Levi Weaver / Vanita Joines
  • ·         Stillwater Pub: Stephen McCullough Band
  • ·         Iron Horse Café: Cowboy Mouth
  • ·         Alys Stephens: Ailey II
  • ·         Pale Eddie’s: Chris Posey Trio
  • ·         Green Bar: Green Bar

Huntsville/Muscle Shoals –

  • ·         Moe’s (Providence): Tim Cannon                                                      
  • ·         Voodoo Lounge: .45 Surprise                                
  • ·         Sports Page: Artifas/SLG                                                         
  • ·         Humphrey’s: Billy Dawn Burnes                          
  • ·         The Foyer: Grayson Owen                                       
  • ·         Bandito (southside): Bourbon & Shamrocks                                                               
  • ·         Amemdment XXI: Drew Richter / Chelsea Cerha                         
  • ·         Furniture Factory: Scott Morgan & Juice                        
  • ·         Lone Goose Saloon: Blue Handel Band                                            
  • ·         Jefferson Street Pub: Chad Bradford                                
  • ·         Lee Ann’s: Crush                                           
  • ·         Stem & Stein: Jason Cunningham                         
  • ·         VBC: Lee Gibson                            
  • ·         Blue Pants Brewery: Gentle Ben                         
  • ·         The Brick (Decatur): Plato Jones                       
  • ·         Macs Sports Bar(athens): Jacob Reynolds / Daniel Jones
  • ·         116 E Mobile: Pine Hill Haints / Daniel Elias + Exotic Dangers
  • ·         The End Theatre: Battle of the Bands (Them Damn Dogs)

Auburn/Montgomery/Mobile –

  • ·         Bourbon Street: CBDB
  • ·         The Foxhole(Columbus): Ancient River
  • ·         Alabama Music Box: Sex Party / Boyfriend  / Roman Gabriel Todd’s the beast
  • ·         Soul Kitchen: Jon Pardi

Saturday (3/29)


Birmingham/Tuscaloosa –

  • ·         The Nick: Spirits & Melchizedek Children / Abby GoGo / Nick Lutsko
  • ·         Zydeco: Bob Margolin / Secret Midnight Band
  • ·         Workplay: Dirty Guv’nahs / Cerus & Cereus Bright
  • ·         Iron City: Stephen McCullough Band
  • ·         Moonlight Mtn: David Olney
  • ·         Stillwater Pub: Beaver Brothers Band
  • ·         Iron Horse Café: Reckless
  • ·         Café’ Firenze: Hunting Delilah
  • ·         Urban Standard: The Oarsmen
  • ·         Pale Eddie’s: Josh Gilbert
  • ·         Egans: Economy Cartel
  • ·         Rhythm & Brews: Farmer’s Daughter

Huntsville/Muscle Shoals –

  • ·         Moe’s (Providence): Travis Posey                                                     
  • ·         Voodoo Lounge: Local Orbit / Drip Centric / Jonny & the Black Frames                         
  • ·         Sports Page: Fuzzy Gouda
  • ·         Hideaways: Open Mic                                                                
  • ·         Humphrey’s: Stone Senate                      
  • ·         Station (Madison): Sean Rivers                                           
  • ·         Bandito (southside): Andrew & Ant (Beatles Tribute)                                            
  • ·         Amemdment XXI: Bro. Ric Patton       
  • ·         Furniture Factory: Black Eyed Susan                               
  • ·         Lone Goose Saloon: 3/4 Boogie                                          
  • ·         Jefferson Street Pub: Tom Perkins   
  • ·         Lee Ann’s: Groove                                       
  • ·         Stem & Stein: Brian Holder                     
  • ·         Backwaters: Kings Haze                           
  • ·         Straight to Ale: .45 Surprise                  
  • ·         The Brick (Decatur): Black Label      
  • ·         Macs Sports Bar(athens): Daniel Jones
  • ·         FloBama(shoals): Whiskey River Kings

Auburn/Montgomery/Mobile –

  • ·         Bourbon Street: Something Delicious
  • ·         Standard Deluxe(waverly): BlueGrass Festival
  • ·         Balcony Bar(au): Mang
  • ·         Alabama Music Box: Mandown / Mustachios
  • ·         Soul Kitchen: Jermaine Quiz/ PhoneauXX / Tony Scratchere


Sunday (3/30)

Birmingham / Tuscaloosa –

  • ·         The Forge: Broadside
  • ·         Avondale Brewing: Lefty Williams Band
  • ·         Stillwater Pub: Heath Green

Huntsville/Muscle Shoals –

  • ·         Kaffeeklatsch: Freddy Earl (Blues Jam)
  • ·         Lone Goose Saloon: Jonathan Byham
  • ·         Flying Monkey Arts Center: Bach in Tahiti / HSO Casual Classics

Mobile –

  • ·         Soul Kitchen: Getta LoDa Records Show


If you see any venues/bands I missed or has incorrect info, let me know! – JT

(Twitter- @jtiddy82 / @bamabandbooking)



The South by Southwest Music Festival is a giant mess. The theme of the festival should be “standing in line” because that’s what you spend a good portion of your time doing. A line to get a wristband, a line to get into the club, a line to get a beer, a line to get the free Doritos Locos Taco, and of course the long lines for the bathroom. It can be frustrating and confusing, but at the same time it’s an amazing experience. You meet really cool people in those lines who are there to see a band just like you. People that you end up sharing stuff with or having a beer and taco with, and maybe they tell you to stick around for that band you haven’t heard of and you tell them the same. Then you end up loving that band and forming a friendship with a stranger over music. It’s a beautiful thing.

So, I’m actually going to change the first line of this piece: The South by Southwest Music Festival is a magnificent, awesome, and beautifully fun mess. That’s a little better.  My good friend Jeremy and I set out on Friday March, 7 for our trip to Austin, Texas for South by Southwest (heretofore referred to as “SXSW” because typing that out every time gets annoying). SXSW is a little over a week long and includes an Interactive, Film and Music festival. Most people are there for the music festival but we had passes for film and music.

The first part of the week we saw tons of movies, attended various panel discussions given by stars of movie and television and screened pilots for new television shows. One night we even went to a “Midnight Shorts” screening of a ton of really weird short films. Film wasn’t too exhausting other then the occasional midnight flick. Music was another story.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, “standing in line” is the theme of the SXSW Music Fest. I was equipped with only a music wristband, and my press credentialed camera and video camera, which got me into most of all the SXSW showcases after about 6pm every day. The daytime showcases are pretty much RSVP only, but they do let wristband and badge holders in.

Here’s an example for, let’s call it, the “Indie Music Blog Sponsored by Popular Domestic Beer and American Fast Food Chain Showcase.”  Go to the blog on the internet and RSVP, go to specified location in downtown Austin to stand in line for a wristband at 10 a.m., get wristband, go stand in other line at actual location for the showcase at 11:15 a.m., get in at 12:15 p.m., stand in line for free beer until about 12:30 p.m., (first band has already started) go stand in line for free taco at 12:35 p.m., get taco around 1p.m., (first band has already ended), second band starts at 1:20 p.m., get back in line for fresh beer, get back near stage around 1:35 p.m. to catch most of the second band, and so on.



(Here’s a picture of people standing in line.)

Yes, that does sound annoying. But you get free food and beer and there’s almost always some sort of “swag” like a t-shirt, button, sunglasses, sticker, etc. Also, while you are in line, as I mentioned before, you meet other cool people. People who are cool enough to hold your place in line while you go get mediocre Chinese food from a food truck. You meet people from Australia, New Zealand, Austin, New York, and Minneapolis, even Japan. Everyone is really chill. Everyone wants to see music. You talk about where you’re from and what you do or why you are at SXSW. Then you see those people at another showcases and share stories about a band you saw over an ice cold Lone Star. SXSW is truly a meeting place for real music fans.

Here’s a line we heard from a few actual Austinites, “I’m glad you are enjoying the festival but please leave when it’s over. Please do not move here.” They say that in jest but on a real note Austin is literally one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Maybe it’s because of SXSW or Austin City Limits or maybe it’s because Austin is one of the coolest cities in the world.

Either way, it’s a very cool city with a lot of culture and industry so it’s not hard to believe that people want to move there. I compared it to another music city, Nashville. Everyone is trying to be somebody and stand out, but everyone desires to be around other “somebodies” too, which is totally cool. Also, the culinary delight in Austin, in case you didn’t know, is the taco, which my colleague and I consumed a lot of.

Now, here’s the part where I tell you about the bands I saw at SXSW. I saw nearly 40 bands in the span of five days. That’s eight bands per day. Seems like a lot right? Well, it is. When workshopping this post in my head, I thought I would do something simple and fairly easy to read. I’m breaking the bands that made the biggest impression on me down into lists with photos (And, please forgive some of the photo work. My good camera ran out of battery pretty quickly and I was actually using my video camera to take stills, not great but you get the point.) and antidotes. So, here it is my official SXSW recap. (Please keep in mind these performances are in no particular order at all.)


Real Estate, Spotify House: I saw them twice and both times they were superb but the Spotify House performance was their best. The crowd was seriously vibing. Real Estate is one of the best American Indie bands around.


(Real Estate at the Spotify House)

Albert Hammond Jr, Hype Hotel Day Party: Albert and his band put on an amazing high energy show and I got to meet him and another member of The Strokes, Fab Moretti, after the show. Here’s a picture!

Speedy Ortiz, Brooklyn Vegan Day Party: If this band had existed in the 1990s, Hole wouldn’t have been as popular and that’s not a bad thing. I loved hearing them live for the first time and loved Sadie’s (lead singer) jokes about all the showcase sponsors in between songs.

Damon Albarn, Austin Convention Center Ballroom: I only saw him in the intimate setting of Ballroom 4 in the Austin Convention center in a very stripped down set but still, Damon was fantastic. This guy is such a master of his craft and you can tell he really cares about his performance.


(Damon Albarn at the Austin Convention Center)

Parquet Courts, Doc Martin’s Showcase: These guys have so much spirit. People call their style of music “slacker punk,” but there is nothing slacking about their performance. I loved the crowd’s energy during this one too. It was a perfect storm.

Ejecta, Gorilla vs Bear Showcase: New wave, Goth, dark wave, whatever you want to call it, Ejecta probably fits the bill. Lead guitar, bass guitar, vocals, and Abelton software programmed beats running on the computer. A very minimal setup, but a massive sound.


(Ejecta at the Gorilla vs Bear Showcase)


Radkey, Spotify House: Jeremy figured out that the median age for these guys is 18. They are so young, but play like they were around during the early days of punk. These dudes sound like early Misfits and took everyone in the crowd totally by surprise.

Quilt, Brooklyn Vegan Day Party: I heard this band’s name a lot just walking around the festival and I was fortunate enough to catch them on the last full day we were in Austin. Quilt echoes the sound of the 1960s. Psychedelic rock and roll music to the max. I would put them in with modern day bands like White Fence and Tame Impala and they reminded me so much of the old band from the 60s, Strawberry Alarm Clock.


(Quilt at the Brooklyn Vegan Showcase)

The Hold Steady, Austin Convention Center Ballroom: I didn’t know much about The Hold Steady but Jeremy was raving about them and they were on in the early part of the day at the Convention Center, so I had no problem checking them out. Craig, the lead singer, looks like your cool English Comp professor but his nerdy swagger just grabs you throughout the band’s performance. They turned me into a fan pretty quick with their beer chugging rock and roll literary prowess.

, Spotify House: Pronounced “Muh,” these Danes were overjoyed to be in Austin and it showed. They put on a fun performance and gave off a lot of 1990s pop vibes. For fans of: Lorde, Purity Ring, and probably TLC.

Belle Adair, Single Lock Records Showcase: Single Lock Records is a label out of the Shoals, Alabama and Belle Adair is one band in their stable of artists. Belle Adair was a pleasant surprise because I had to go all the way to Austin to hear them live for the first time, although they are from the same state where I reside. I loved their relaxing indie rock sound. Definitely for fans of Wilco. And, as fate would have it, I used to live next door to the lead singer Matt! The world is small.

together PANGEA, Hype Hotel These L.A. thrash punkers destroyed the audience as one of the earlier acts in the daytime showcase. They even played a nasty cover of The Cranberries hit “Zombie”.

IMG_0357(together PANGEA at the Hype Hotel)

Robert Ellis, Billy Reid Shindig: Again, a recommendation from my SXSW partner Jeremy. Robert Ellis is old school country music with a new school twist. He’s got some crazy good jazz guitar chops but writes heartfelt country love songs about watching television. I wasn’t too sure if I’d like this but I ended up loving it.


This one is going to seem like a total homer move but I have to do this. I saw this band four times during the festival and they gave every bit of energy they had during every single performance. They played nine shows total and every performance I saw seemed like it was their first of the festival. They are Birmingham’s native sons: St. Paul and the Broken Bones. 


(St. P and the Broke B’s, as I like to call them, at the Single Lock Records Showcase)

I know. I know. “C’mon man. You are just trying to boost up the egos of the local yocals!” No way! I’m serious! They killed it during every set I saw them. Paul had the crowd in the palm of his hand even when he knew his band was not the “headliner.” It’s a bizarre phenomenon that I witnessed at SXSW. I saw a band actually create a buzz in a week. Literally. From the first time we caught St. Paul and the Broken Bones at a private party in a rooftop bar to the last time I saw them at the Spotify House just before Real Estate came on, the crowd grew bigger and bigger each time. People were buzzing about these guys from The Magic City. It was a wonderful thing and that’s why I’m naming them the “winners” of South by Southwest Music Festival 2014. Sorry. But, I’m not sorry.

Finally, I have created a Spotify mixtape of all of the bands I saw at SXSW, including the ones I did not mention above. Not because I didn’t like them but because they may not have made the same impression as the bands listed above. I don’t remember seeing a band I just flat out did not like. I tried to see a band or group from many different genres while I was in Austin. I covered most of my bases and I think this mixtape will show that.

Although some of the bigger companies and promoters booked bands with established mainstream success (like Lady GaGa, Kanye West, Imagine Dragons, Jay Z, and Coldplay), I do not feel like the original idea of South By lost any of its purpose of showcasing the talents of up and coming bands and artists. I know some would disagree with me but I feel like the real music fans ignored all the hype surrounding the mainstream acts and went to the smaller clubs to see the up and comers. As long as promoters and labels are willing to take risks and send these bands to Austin in March, people will be there. Maybe some of those people wanting to see the bigger bands might just drop by Stubb’s or Red 7 and catch a band they’ve never heard of and go buy their record or download their songs. South by Southwest is a gigantic, corporate sponsored mess of a music festival but it’s also one of the greatest experiences music fans, bands, and artists can have. I would absolutely attend the South by Southwest Music festival again, and I hope to in the near future.

Here’s the playlist, subscribe and enjoy it!

P.S. I must mention this. There was a tragedy at this festival on March 12 on the streets of downtown Austin. A drunk driver drove down a blocked, one-way street while allegedly running from the police, and hit several people waiting in line to get into a showcase, killing four of them. This was a completely senseless act by an obviously careless person. The police and authorities in Austin did a great job of keeping the peace during the festival, but sometimes you just cannot prepare for everything. Jeremy and I were about six blocks away from the area of downtown where this occurred, but we both felt the weight of the tragedy nonetheless. My heart and prayers go out to the victims and their families. If you would like to donate money to those victims’ families, you can go to this website and make a donation: Please be careful on the roads. Thanks.

Tuscaloosa says Goodbye to DIY venue Baby Haus

babyhausLast Saturday was the final show at Baby Haus, a house in Tuscaloosa that had been hosting shows in a few different locations for the past four years. As if Tuscaloosa wasn’t already renowned for being a “party town,” Baby Haus would often take it to the next level with antics such as nude moshpits, fireworks being set off in the house and the now infamous story of two girls getting busy during one band’s set.

I remember my first Baby Haus show in Fall 2010 and how I felt immediately welcomed & had so much fun.

Don’t get me wrong, Birmingham is rad, but Tuscaloosa got wild back in those days.

When it relocated to down the street in Fall 2011, the crunkness continued and the house’s walls eventually turned into a mural of random paintings & sketches. There were potlucks, bonfires, and eclectic bills ranging from hip hop to sludge metal (and of course, always the punk & garage rock).

Once Baby Haus moved to across the street, the house’s owner David Allen proclaimed that he didn’t want to have any shows at his new home. However, low-key backyard shows in Fall 2012 quickly escalated into house shows once again, but without the tagging and breaking things. Some proclaimed “Baby Haus was over” since it wasn’t as buck, but I personally appreciated how it had toned down into a setting for more artistic appreciation instead of constant inebriation. Shit was still getting ‘weird’ as recently as December though, when contact was made with Kurt Cobain through a Ouija board at the “Friday the 13th show,” and several people went down that rabbit hole.

I think we definitely took Baby Haus for granted while it was still here. It’s honestly a little hard to imagine our DIY scene without it, but Saturday was the perfect way to close it out.

The music started around 3:30pm and ended around 2am. All of the sets were solid, and shit got wild, reminiscent of Baby Hauses past, when Capsized’s pedal board got trampled and Billy Luttrell’s guitar got destroyed– missing 3 tuners, bridge and tail. I was in the middle of the crowd for nearly every set except for theirs because the moshing was too intense, even for me. Luttrell told me that it was the funnest show he’s ever played.

Carson Mitchell of The Dirty Lungs (who have an album soon to be released on Birmingham’s Communicating Vessels label) told this story of Baby Haus, having played the final show and at the former house: “Very funny story about the first time we played; we actually had a gig booked at the Mellow Mushroom, but there was some kind of mix up with the booking and they weren’t even going to open that night. We found this out as we were unloading all of our gear to the upstairs stage, and were very bummed out about it. To make matters worse, as we were reloading our gear into the van, our bass player at the time Jordan Sellers crushed his hand in the service elevator everyone uses to load their gear upstairs. It literally was broken for 4 months after the incident. Anyhow, after all of this nonsense had occured, we were still determined to make something happen even if it was just a party. Luckily, I texted our friend Madison (Langston) who was still living in T-Town at the time and already at a show at Baby Haus. She asked David right then if we could jump on the bill and he obliged. We ended up having one of the best and oddest shows of our life. Down a member, we had to play whatever we could think of that another one of our members could play on bass. It was also the first night I ever saw Gull, who is practically a celebrity in Birmingham now. I couldn’t think of a better way to experience the awesomeness of Baby Haus for the first time.”


We are all really sad that the epic nature of Baby Haus is now over, but the memories will live on forever. I know someone will pick up the torch soon; Ttown is too rad not to have a DIY venue.

Saturday actually almost felt like just any other Baby Haus show filled with good music and good times until David Allen started handing out the goodie bags that included compilations, reminiscent of the Piss Shivers and Sorry Y’all era, and that’s when the nostalgia kicked in.  Birmingham is lucky to be getting David Allen, and Tuscaloosa will surely miss him.

However, though Baby Haus is over now, Tuscaloosa’s music scene is not. We had a huge benefit show for United Students Against Sweatshops in the basement of a dorm in January, a “Valentine’s Day weekend ‘Cupid is a Sonofabitch’ ” house show last month and have a “Spring Broke” house show planned for March 29th. We are aiming to have an all ages show once a month now. You can keep up with the current happenings in Tuscaloosa through the facebook group DIY Tuscaloosa.

In the words of OG-Baby Jake Hinson, “This is rock ‘n roll, baby. Get used to it.”

Anna Thomas is a writer studying Education and Spanish at the University of Alabama. Currently in the band Rumblepak, she also books shows for DIY Tuscaloosa. She’s the newest addition to BHAMFM. 



Next week begins the famed South By Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas. I will be attending said festival and will hopefully be bringing back tales of rowdy rock and roll shows, celebrity sitings, and pictures of all the crazy antics I’ll get into while in the “Live Music Capital of the World”! YEAH! Well…maybe. I’m just a huge music nerd so I’ll probs just nerd out and watch all the bands I’ve been reading about for the past few years and try food at every single taco stand or food truck I see.

Let me get back to the point. Since it’s Friday and it’s almost time for Southby (That’s what the cool people call it) I think it’s time we show Austin some mad love with a video from their favorite sons,  Spoon. This is truly one of my favorite songs of all time and any human being that calls himself an “indie rock fan” should know this classic track from Spoon’s 2007 album Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. So, down below all these words I’m typing is the video for this killer song.

If you’d like to know what I’m up to our listening to in Austin you can follow me on my Twitter feed @ATALLO1983 . I promise I’ll also attempt to make jokes about things I see while also informing my followers of the goings-on during my first experience at Southby!

Dig this Spoon track:


Weekend Show Lineup 3/7-3/9

The Southeast’s most comprehensive concert calendar is back. GET UP, GET OUT AND GET SUMTHIN’ Y’ALL!

FRIDAY (3/7)



· Bottletree – Yellow Ostritch / Pattern is Movement

. Parkside – Great Peacock / Heath Green

· The Nick – Agent Orange / McPherson Struts

· Sound & Page – Belle Adair

· Zydeco – Whiskey Myers / The Bama Gamblers

· WorkPlay – Willie Sugarcapps / Will Kimbrough / Grayson Capps / Corky Hughes /

Sugarcane Jane



· Eddie’s Attic – Cumberland Collective / Brian Collins

· Drunken Unicorn – Miniature Tigers / Bear Hands

· Variety Playhouse – Black Lips / Deerhunter

· Terminal West – Little Country Giants / Seven Handle Circus

· 40 Watt (Athens) – Jonathan Richman

· Melting Pot (Athens) – Highballs

· Thousand Hills Coffee (Roswell) – Caleb Caudle / Scott Low



· Marathon Music – St. Vincent / Noveller

· Exit/In – (Freakin’ Weekend 5) Diarrhea Planet / Turbo Fruits / Hunters / etc…

· Saints M/C Clubhouse (HSV) – Peewee Moore

· 3rd & Lindsley – The Wood Brothers

· High Watt – Hayes Carll / Scott Nolan

· 116E Mobile (shoals) – The Kernal / Robert Ellis

· Mercy Lounge – The Cunning / Allen Thompson Band

· War Memorial Auditorium – Of Mice and Men / Bring Me The Horizon

· Volcano Room @ Cumberland Caverns (McMinnville) – Jason Isbell / Steep Canyon Rangers


Louisville/Lexington/Little Rock:

· Rocky’s (Bowling Green) – Those Crosstown Rivals

· Cosmic Charlie’s (Lex) – Tim Easton / Coralee and the Townies

· Buster’s (Lexington) – Tyler Childers / Blind Corn Liquor Pickers

· WhiteWater Tavern (Ark) – Adam Faucett / High Magic


Knoxville/Chattanooga/Memphis/Asheville (NC):

· The Well (Knox) – Local H / Gamenight / Bad Dudes

· Orange Peel (Ashville) – Shovels and Rope / Hurray For The Riff Raff

· Long Branch Saloon (Knox) – Seagulls / Burns Like Fire / Roundheels / Quartjar / Minderbinders / Your Favorite Hero

· Clayton Center (Maryville) – Bela Fleck

· Hi-Tone (Memphis) – The Fox and the Bird


Auburn/Montgomery/Mobile/parts of FL & MS:

· Freebird Live (Jacksonville Beach) – J Roddy Walston & the Business / Clear Plastic Masks / On Guard

· Deep Search Records – Gunther Doug / Buffalo Rodeo

· The Loft (Columbus, GA) – St. Paul and The Broken Bones / Stereo Reform

· Standard Deluxe (Waverly) – David Bazan




· Egans (Ttown) – Those Crosstown Rivals / Sloss Minor / Ned Van Go******

· Iron City – Lindsey Hinkle

· Bottletree – Dan Sartain / Nothing / Weekend

· Jupiter (Ttown) – Whiskey Myers

· Zydeco – Wick-it the Instigator / Dmfr

· The Nick – Signs of Iris / Death of Paris / Jared & The Mill / Form Constant


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Rhythm & Brews (Ttown) – Farmer’s Daughter



· Masquerade – Ron Pope / Alexis Keegan / Action Bronson / Neil Cribbs

· Smith’s Olde Bar – Lilly Hiatt / Wille Sugarcapps / The Grahams

· Tabernacle – St Vincent

· 40 Watt Club (Athens) – Wild of Night / Space Trucks / Reptar /

· Abbey Road (Marietta) – Lefty Williams Band

· The Earl – Com Truise / The Phantoms

· Mill Town Music Hall (Bremen, GA) – Kansas



· Moe’s BBQ – Providence (HSV) – Luke Dunkin and Andy Abernathy (*I’ll buy everyone a beer*)

· 3rd & Lindsley – The Wood Brothers

· Stone Fox – Moonface

· Mercy Lounge – White Denim

· Soulshine Pizza – Blackfoot Gypsies / The Night Owl / John D’amato / etc… (Mando Blues Bday Bash)

· Exit/In – Daniel Ellsworth / The Great Lakes (album release), Alanna Royale, Blank Range

· Straight To Ale – Mandolin Orange


Louisville/Lexington/Little Rock:

· Lville Palace – Crosby Stills and Nash

· Cosmic Charlie’s(Lex) – Local H / Summer Smoke / Heyrocco

· Maxine’s (LR) – Fox and the Bird / Kristen Cothron

· Revolution Music Room (LR) – Keller Williams / More Than A Little


Knoxville/Chattanooga/Memphis/Asheville (NC):

· Scruff City Hall (Knox) – Blackfoot Gypsies

· Zepplin’s (Clayton, GA) – Caleb Caudle / Scott Low


Auburn/Montgomery/Mobile/parts of FL & MS:

· Alley Bar (Gump) – Timmeh

· Standard Deluxe (Waverly) – Robert Ellis

· Alabama Music Box (Mobile) – Sol Cat / Tedo Stone / Today the Moon / Tomorrow the Sun

· Jack Rabbits (Jacksonville) – Speaking Cursive / Little Books / Matrimony

· St Augustine Amp – Steve Miller Band



SUNDAY (3/9)


· WorkPlay – New Madrid / The Dirty Lungs / Cold Cold Sweats

· The Nick – The Grahams / Lilly Hiatt

· Good People Brewing – Jonny Fritz / Steelism

· Moonlight on the Mountain – Mandolin Orange

· Bottletree – Small Black / Oberhofer / Teen / Wild Party



· Masquerade – Tribal Seeds / New Kingston / Inna Vision



· Exit/In – Com Truise / The Phantoms / Black Cat Sylvester

· Bluegrass Underground – Keller Willams / Travelin’ McCoury’s / Hayes Carll

· Fontanel – Keb’ Mo



· Emerald Lounge(Asheville) – Blackfoot Gypsies


Louisville/Lexington/Little Rock:

· New Vintage – Hollis Brown

· Headliner’s – Brett Dennen / Foy Vance


Auburn/Montgomery/Mobile/parts of FL & MS:

· The HandleBar (Pensacola) – The Front Bottoms / So So Glos

· Jack Rabbits (Jacksonville) – Agent Orange


***If you see someone(s) I missed, let me know. My Twitter is @jtid82. See you at the rock show! *** – JT