Month: October 2015

8 months later…

So, we haven’t been posting on here. You may be wondering why.



This is Lane Tamsin. She has completely, and utterly taken over our lives. She rules them with an iron fist. If Lane is displeased, we feel her wrath. When Lane feels bad, she lets us know. When she’s happy… well there’s no better thing.

Seven years ago we started a music blog. It was really Whitney’s idea. I just was slightly smart enough to build it for her. Then she found all these like-minded people, and through her sheer strength of will, got them to post on it. We then brought in Sam George, who transformed it into… a thing. A thing that put on shows. A thing that made news. A thing that was something.

Then we had a bunch of life happen to us. And we lost interest.

Then, in 2013, we started back. And found a bunch more people to do the same thing again.

And then, last year, we got pregnant. And I started travelling everywhere for my job. And then we had a baby. And then we suddenly realized we hadn’t posted here in a long time.

During that time I published my first book. Some guy in Australia liked it.

I also wrote an essay about how Birmingham is not perfect.

It was actually that essay that led me to write this right now. Wade Kwon mentioned, in multiple places, that this was where I’m from. And while that’s true, this is a ghost town. The stupid images still don’t work. The last post was a hurried apology from myself in January.

So as I read what I wrote, and saw that byline, it occurred to me. I need to either shut this fucker down, or write. So I’m going to write. I don’t know what this thing is, and I don’t know who’s coming along, but I’m not going to let it die. Even if it means that it’s not what it was, or what it could be.