8 months later…

So, we haven’t been posting on here. You may be wondering why.



This is Lane Tamsin. She has completely, and utterly taken over our lives. She rules them with an iron fist. If Lane is displeased, we feel her wrath. When Lane feels bad, she lets us know. When she’s happy… well there’s no better thing.

Seven years ago we started a music blog. It was really Whitney’s idea. I just was slightly smart enough to build it for her. Then she found all these like-minded people, and through her sheer strength of will, got them to post on it. We then brought in Sam George, who transformed it into… a thing. A thing that put on shows. A thing that made news. A thing that was something.

Then we had a bunch of life happen to us. And we lost interest.

Then, in 2013, we started back. And found a bunch more people to do the same thing again.

And then, last year, we got pregnant. And I started travelling everywhere for my job. And then we had a baby. And then we suddenly realized we hadn’t posted here in a long time.

During that time I published my first book. Some guy in Australia liked it.

I also wrote an essay about how Birmingham is not perfect.

It was actually that essay that led me to write this right now. Wade Kwon mentioned, in multiple places, that this was where I’m from. BhamFM.com. And while that’s true, this is a ghost town. The stupid images still don’t work. The last post was a hurried apology from myself in January.

So as I read what I wrote, and saw that byline, it occurred to me. I need to either shut this fucker down, or write. So I’m going to write. I don’t know what this thing is, and I don’t know who’s coming along, but I’m not going to let it die. Even if it means that it’s not what it was, or what it could be.


A quick note and the weird Avondale news

So we had a baby. No, really. The two people who started vaguely doing this site 7 years ago made a human. She’s real cute. I am confident at some point in the not too distant future we’ll start worrying about local music, Kickstarted signs, and Kanye West again. But for now the relative merits of Pampers Swaddlers versus Baby Dry is quite consuming.

But how could I not mention this to you. Brian is responsible for bringing a heck of a lot of good bands through this city, and he’s opening up across the street from Avondale Brewery. It’s almost a can’t-miss proposition for him, assuming that he has the money to get it going proper. Not that I’ll be going to any shows there. I’ll be going through the 872 wet wipes I bought at Sam’s Club on Monday.

I think it’s too early to say anything more about this. I think it’s pretty exciting, and I think the parking on 41st is going to be even worse.

I also think that the wetness stripe on Pampers Swaddlers is really a game changer.



One year ago this month we started the monthly mixtape and this month we are bringing you more of our favorite tracks both new and old. We have our usual contributors Whit and Culture Czar. I also have some of my favorites up as well as our local celebrity guest picker for the month, Jeremy Burgess.

Jeremy is a writer for AL.com, copywriter at Birmingham advertising agency Big Communications, and a filmmaker. He was also my running partner and spirit guide at South by Southwest last year.


Whit added a nice mix of hot tracks from the likes of Wu Tang Clan, the Decembrists, Cage the Elephant, Sleater-Kinney, Johnny Marr, and even super babe Leighton Meester (DO WHAAAAT NOW??)

The Czar dropped some classic Sonic Youth, a new one from Interpol, music from Slug Guts, Secret Chiefs 3 and Dirty Three.

I added a track by Kindness featuring Robyn, new stuff by Twerps, Caribou, a dancer floor murderer by Les Sins, and a song from former Makeout Videotape (Mac Demarco’s old band) drummer Alex Calder.

Now, Jeremy is a walking encyclopedia for hip hop and rap and brought some strong picks for this month’s mix. Check out his choices below:

Vince Staples – Blue Suede
I expected more of the same from this frequent Odd Future collaborator (even though his verse on Earl Sweatshirt’s “Hive” is pretty great), but his latest EP has been in frequent rotation for me. “Blue Suede” is the kind of track that makes me want to drive at high speeds and flail my arms around with reckless abandon.
Big K.R.I.T. – Pay Attention
K.R.I.T.’s first studio album was just okay, so I didn’t have high hopes for “Cadillactica,” but it’s quite good. This is track in particular has been stuck in my head for a while. Killer hook. Also, shout out to Zydeco for bringing K.R.I.T. to town last week.
Riff Raff – Air Canada
Speaking of Zydeco bringing great hip-hop shows to town, let’s not forget about ol’ Jody Highroller, who’ll be here Friday night. This track is from last year’s “Jumpin Out The Gym” mixtape he did with Dolla Bill Gates. It’s six minutes of breezy beats and references to things in Canada, which is the perfect way to prepare for winter, I think.
Trey Songz – Touchin, Lovin
This song is all over the radio right now, and while I personally love the hell out of it, I’ll concede that it’s not a masterpiece. But you can’t tell me “If we’re talkin’ ‘bout sex / Girl, you know that I invented that” isn’t the line of the year. Like Trey ain’t got parents or somethin’. Come on, now.
Freddie Gibbs – One Eighty Seven
Freddie Gibbs was targeted in a shooting in Brooklyn earlier this month, so he deserves a shout out here, because I’m really glad he didn’t die. This song is actually about sex rather than murder, but because of the title (and because it’s my favorite track on last year’s excellent “ESGN” album), it’s on the list. Gibbs is the best 90’s rapper that isn’t from the 90’s.
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