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WEEKENDER ROAD TRIP: Squallfest in Lexington

“A squall is a sudden, violent, gust of wind usually associated with active weather or thunderstorms.”

“A squall line is a line of thunderstorms that have a common lifting mechanism. Lifting mechanisms tend to occur in bands“.

By the definition of “squall” and “squall line”, it’s safe to assume that the definition for “Squallfest” would be: A sudden, violent, gust of rawk that tends to occur within the bands on this line-up.

Now, what the hell is “Squallfest”?

Squallfest is a two-day music festival, held in Lexington, Kentucky with a portion of all tickets($18-$20) sales going to the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. The festival, which will have two stages, will be held at the massive, 11,000sqft, live music venue Buster’s Billiard’s & Backroom in the Lexington Distillery District.(Fun Fact: the building that Buster’s now calls home was built in 1860 and was part of the first registered distillery in Lexington.)

That being said, if you love music or historical buildings or music held in historical buildings, you need to make the trip to Squallfest.

Now, let’s talk about the important things, the music. This line-up really does perfectly accompany the festival title (and made-up definition), all these bands pack a heavy punch of rawk fused with punk, metal, and rocknroll with one common factor running rampant through most of these bands; southern roots. Headlined by Nine Pound Hammer and The Dopamines, check out the schedule below, make your plans, “grab the ticket and take the ride”; all the cool kids are doing it!

Friday September 19th 2014

8:00 – Doc Feldman and the Infernal Method

8:45 – Christian Lee Music

9:30 – The Past

10:00 – Sonic Deville

11:00 – Those Crosstown Rivals

*Doors at 7:00 PM music starts at 8:00 PM sharp!*

Saturday September 20th 2014


5:00 – Vibrolas

6:00 – Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound

7:00 – Josh Nolan

8:00 – Jeremy Porter and the Tucos

9:00 – Bad People

10:00 – The Dopamines

4:30 – Alcatraz Shakedown

5:30 – Todd Farrell Jr. & the Dirty Birds

6:30 – Paper Bridges

7:30 – Bohannons

8:30 – Alone At 3AM

9:30 – Ned Van Go

10:30 – Those Crosstown Rivals

11:15 – Nine Pound Hammer

Doors at 3:00 pm music starts at 4:30 PM sharp!*

Tickets: $10 day of show / $18 pre-sale –

Playlist: Squallfest 2014 Playlist<


Birmingham gets ALL THE SHOWS!

You think you know, but you have no idea.

Welcome to a comprehensive list of all the headliners & festivals headed to our fair city in the coming months.

I’m just gonna throw a list at you because I know you just gonna scroll anyway. Hard to be mad with this level of abundance going on. LEHGO.


Jimmy Eat World, celebrating 10 years of their Futures album at WorkPlay on Oct 26
Jimmy Eat World, celebrating 10 years of their Futures album at WorkPlay on Oct 26


  • Juvenile (this Sat, 7/12)
  • Curren$y (7/30)
  • HELMET (8/6)
  • Manchester Orchestra (8/7)
  • Toadies (8/13)
  • Broken Bells (10/2)
  • AFI (10/9)
  • Chromeo (10/14)
  • Brand New (Sold out, 10/21)
  • Julian Casablancas (10/28)


  • Delta Spirit (9/16)
  • Jimmy Eat World (10/27)

Cask & Drum, October 11 (tix here)

  • Lucero
  • Drive-By Truckers
  • Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires
  • Wild Cub
  • Drew Holcomb
  • Houndmouth

Secret Stages (August 1 & 2): Follow through to their site for the full lineup, in the interest of not leaving any of the astounding number of acts out who hail from all over Alabama & the South. Great problem to have, if you ask us! Our picks though? John Paul Keith, Green Seed, Pujol & Looksy.


  • King Buzzo of the Melvins (7/23)
  • HIGH FIVE FEST III (8/9) —–> Banditos, Shaheed & DJ Supreme, Wray, Arclight, In Snow, beitthemeans and Secret Midnight Band
  • Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (8/14)
  • Comedian Jon Hodgman (9/7)
  • Pinback (9/8)
  • Real Estate (9/21)
  • J. Mascis (9/30)
  • POLIÇA (10/7)
  • Twin Shadow (10/18)


If you hang around long enough, weird, wonderful things happen

The poster below is pinned to my door of my study. It’s a relic of a past age, that one time when my wife got mad that they didn’t have a local stage at what turned out to be the final City Stages.

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She organized a show called Secret Stages at Speakeasy featuring our favorite local bands. As you may realize, Secret Stages (in name) lived on, now announcing bands for it’s 4th year. We don’t have anything to do with it now, but that’s a pretty cool thing. It’s sponsor is Vulcan Vape, which headlined the first Secret Stages as half of Vulture Whale. And you may not know The Secret Dangers, but you do know Paul, their lead singer, as St. Paul and Broken Bones, who is playing two nights at the Alabama Theatre.


Happenin Fest 2014 lights up Good People


This past Saturday, Happenin’ Fest rocked Good People Brewery with Holly Waxwing, Raidy and the Erasers, Vacation Club, Natural Child, Jeff the Brotherhood, Holy YouthPlains, Drew Price, Music Band, Jacuzzi Boys and Wray (pictured above). Bands played on the inside and outside stages, great food vendors were around, and good beer was flowing. It was my first time at Good People Brewery and I hope to see more shows there in the future.

Chris McCauley of Holy Youth who put it all together gave us a little background, first saying Happenin’ Records has been around since 2005, while the fest started in 2012. After a break for grad school, Chris decided to “re-energize the label” and in 2011 released the Nightmare Boyzzz “Nuclear Summer” 7″ .

Though McCauley has a soft spot for Huntsville staples Lowe Mill and Vertical House, he moved Happenin Fest back to Birmingham to be closer to his home base in Montevallo. He also told us they were initially going to scale this year’s Fest down, maybe hosting a few bands on a hotel rooftop. Soon after though, Good People reached out and expressed interest in hosting the event. McCauley stated that he and Stefano, a Good People employee, met and the rest fell into place.

The Southside Nitty Gritty DIY fest takes over houses and ears of Glen Iris

Happenin’ Fest Saturday was rad as expected, but last Friday night a lesser known all ages fest in Southside known as the “Nitty Gritty” featured local and touring bands, spread across four houses in the Glen Iris area. Trevor Dane of Hawaii and the Freaky Deakys did a great job of organizing the Nitty Gritty, and all of the host houses, bands, and audience made it complete.
hawaii nitty gritty
(Hawaii live in basement on 1612, photo courtesy Christina Daley)
The first house “1612” started the full evening of music with Them Natives. Despite it being an acoustic set outside, it seemed like the crowd was still feeling it and most people outside at the time actually listened. They are one of my favorite currently active Birmingham bands so of course I was into it, but it was great to see them capture the crowd before sunset. Next at 1612, Hawaii did an improv set in the basement. I love how Hawaii’s shows are never the same set twice. They have a couple songs they play from the demo, but it’s really about putting on a live show. They get a rowdy at certain points and you never know when it’s coming. I feel that energy really engages the crowd, and people who didn’t know them before will remember Hawaii. The last act at 1612 was D. Bramble from Huntsville, who played outside. Local virtuoso Walker Yancey of Hawaii assisted Patrick Bakula during his set by playing the chain and saw percussion. After they closed out 1612, the crowd migrated to Eerie, Indiana for the next two bands.

The first band to play at the second house was Ray Creature, all the way from Bloomington, Indiana. They were a tight two piece which reminded me a little of the Bauhaus feel, and a friend of mine referenced Depeche Mode. Their set was differnent than a lot of what Birmingham locals are used to, encompassing synth keyboard and an electronic drum set. Along those lines, I really dug their set and the music was sexy. I actually told them that later, to which they replied “That’s the point.”

Next was Bad Psychic, also hailing from Bloomington, Indiana. Her solo act looped synth parts as she played bass guitar and sang. I really liked it, especially as someone who is currently working on my own solo material. Some of her sound reminded me of Fever Ray, which in my book is always an awesome comparison. Though the next door neighbor got a little cranky about the noise, Bad Psychic finished her set strong then the crowd made the walk down the street to the next house venue, The Alabama Hotel.

The Alabama Hotel had biscuits and other snacks for sale, showing a little Southern hospitality. The Freaky Deakys (featuring members of the aforementioned Hawaii and Electric Sheep) got the crowd moving with frontman Trevor Dane. It had been years since I’d seen that band active. The last time being in Tuscaloos and even with a different lineup, it was still just as energetic and fun live. Dead Balloons were tight as always, and as much as they practice in that basement it was cool to finally see them play to an audience in their own house.

Down the street, The Southside Lounge closed out the night with the sets of The Steel Sisters, Andy Dale Petty, and local touring legend Dan SartainThe Steel Sisters’ and Andy Dale Petty’s sets were very intimate. The red carpet on the stage and the lighting of the stage gave it this golden glow, which showcased the intimate setting of the basement. Dan Sartain’s set was great. It was a really classic kind of rock show.  There was also a bar already built into one of the side rooms in the basement, which Rolfe of Electric Sheep, aka Tremolo Bill, described as being like the Old West. Across the same room was a corner with two couches and a table — complete with people playing cards — enhancing the Old West saloon feel (even if the alcohol is not flowing from the bar). Last but not least, people sat naked in the jacuzzi together in the bathroom connected to the show room.

Nitty Gritty Friday fun night was closed out with an impromptu set around 3am by The Steel City Jug Slammers. 

House resident David Maclay stated that the vision for The Southside Lounge is for “an emerging scene of local artists to be supported and appreciated by other locals.” He also added that they do not host exclusively acoustic shows. “We just strive for events with a more intimate setting. We support music of all styles.” Tremolo Bill is booking the upcoming Step Showcase there, so stay tuned for future shows at The Southside Lounge.



Hello everyone. Are you sneezing your brains out because of the horrific amount of pollen in the air? Sweet! Us too! Get through the “hay fever blues” with some tight songs from your friends at your favorite music blog. This month we’ve got all kinds of good stuff for you to listen to. It’s time for another brand new BHAMFM Mixtape.

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