Murder soundtrack

Yeah we’re back. Let’s not make a big deal out of it. Let’s talk about video games instead.


Anytime I can find even a tenuous connection between video games and music you’re probably going to hear about it. Since the tools to make games have gotten better and the methods of distribution no longer require physical media, a deluge of weird things have been made that would have never, ever happened before. This is one of those things.

Today I present to you one of the best video game soundtracks you’ll ever hear. It’s for a well received indie game called Hotline Miami. This game is best described as a top-down cocaine-fueled murder simulator, set in Miami in the 1980’s. If that doesn’t interest you, then we have nothing in common.

So you don’t care because you’re too good for video games. Fine. Just put this shit on while you work on your knitting or calligraphy or whatever you’re into. Because this soundtrack is glorious background music. Is 80’s electronica a thing that I could like? I would have said no. But this is delicious. Listen to it. I command you.

Hotline Miami Soundtrack