The Rural Alberta Advantage is pretty good

That is a statement of fact. I have another fact- they are playing at Bottletree tomorrow night. I’m pretty excited about it because they are a band that I had never heard of until Spotify.

I have a habit of hitting the related artists button, and then hitting it again. And again. Basically Inceptioning my way to new music. And not long after I first used Spotify, I found the Rural Alberta Advantage.

Here’s the first thing I heard:


At first, my brain said Postal Service. And Mangum.  And the time is right- 2008 is a prime year to sound like the Postal Service and Jeff Mangum. But the rest of the album just… enveloped me. Felt immediately comfortable, like one that I knew. And now I do. Hometowns was their debut, and well received by most people. I was blissfully unaware while this was occurring.

There was a time in my life where I’d feel some sort of shame for not knowing about them. But now it’s a wonderful discovery. It’s like two years ago when I got the flu and watched 3 seasons of Justified in 2 days. That’s what it feels like when I find a discography on Spotify that laid there, undiscovered (at least by me).

So I discovered.

They just released their third album, which is just fine. It’s not as good as their first two, but that’s alright. Maybe I’ll really like it 4 years from now.




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