Birmingham’s newest venue: Syndicate Lounge

Syndicate Lounge is a new Birmingham venue that is hoping to officially open by the end of September. Located at 427 20th Street South by the Pizza Hut, it has the convenience of being close to UAB and Five Points while also having sufficient parking on the street. Its previous owner actually wanted to keep it boarded up because it was already kind of a speakeasy, but that’s what gives it its unique look and atmosphere.

Though it is next door to hip hop room The Foreign Exchange, Syndicate Lounge owner Aaron Greene stated that he doesn’t think it will compete much because The Foreign Exchange has more spoken word and eclectic bills. Syndicate Lounge will be more straight forward rock bands, going for an “old school venue type vibe.”

Greene & company had been looking for the right place to start the venue for the past seven years, after previously booking for the 1213 Club in Anniston. Now they’re are working on getting a food and liquor license, and will eventually have a dinner menu and happy hour drink specials. He plans to have 13 shows a month, starting in November. They may have a concert in the street for their grand opening, and already have permission from the city to do so, but all of the details are still being worked out.

Greene shared that open mics for more bluesy jams, but not like the singer-songwriter acoustic guitar style because “enough places around town already do that”. Also on the agenda? Monday metal nights, Tuesday night vinyl nights, open mic on Wednesday nights, and shows on Thursday-Saturday. Another big draw will be “Syn Nights” on Sundays, a service industry night where workers get half-off.


Shows will be 18+, though there is a possibility of matinee shows being all ages. Aaron relayed that youth are a big inspiration for him doing this, and he wants the younger crowd to have more shows to attend. They are wanting to have benefit shows as well as wedding parties & private events. Not straying far from their eclectic side, Syndicate still plan to host the Alabama yo-yo competition, as well as having video game nights.

Friday, July 25th was the venue’s first show, with Capsized, Sister Sniffle, Landmine Spring and Baak Gwai. I really dug the venue and the vibe, so if that was a preview of what’s to come, then Birmingham has yet another venue to look forward to.


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