summer time

Hello reader. Summer is in full swing and we here at truly hope you are throughly enjoying the blistering heat! We are bringing you another mixtape but this time its the ULTRA SUMMERTIME MIXTAPE with some summer jams to take you way back and some new jams to bring you back to today.

As always, our mixtape contributors Whit and Culture Czar have brought in some cool tracks to share and yours truly dug up and dusted off all kinds of classic songs of summer, from yesteryear, and sprinkled them throughout the mix to keep the summer vibes going.

Whit drops the newest one from Lil Wayne ft. Drake, a song from the highly buzzed about Parquet Courts record, and the two newest Spoon tracks or, in her words, “TWICE THE SPOON!”

Culture Czar had this to say about the more chilled out songs from Panda Bear, Tame Impala, Washed Out, Iron and Wine, and Starflyer 59 which he contributed to the mix: Most people think of summer jams as bouncy, party time music, but I’m more interested in that sunbleached part of the late afternoon where it’s hot and hazy and you can barely see for the setting sun and you just melt into the poolside furniture in a peaceful, blissed out daze as day gives way to night…”


Stay tuned next month when we bring you another mixtape! Enjoy the rest of your summer!



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