So, it’s pretty much summer now and it’s time for another sick mixtape from your good pals here at On this month’s mix we’ve got some new ones, some old ones, and you can bet they are our favorite ones.

Culture Czar contributed the first 5 songs in the mix with some throwback Sun Ra jazz action and a 34 minute track from that Swans record everyone is talking about (Yes, it is a half hour long but he can do that, he’s the Czar).

Yours truly added the next five. I threw in a track from Blood Orange off that Palo Alto Soundtrack (Sup, Franco) and a super sleazy jammer from Connan Mockasin’s latest record Caramel, just to name a few. You can always count on me for the weird stuff!

Lastly, but certainly not at all “leastly”, our Editor, Whit, included her 5 songs and dropped a super tight track

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from Chromeo’s fantastic new record White Women, and even a Dolly Parton track (DO WHAT NOW??).

Please be sure to subscribe to our Mixtape if you are a Spotify user or just lurk around on the internet and find these amazing songs we’ve chosen this month and download them immediately. Next on deck: the BHAMFM.COM SUMMER MIXTAPE with all of our favorite songs for you to blast out of your boat stereo while you sip Keystone Light and cruise around Lake Martin with your friends. Stay with us.



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