Seagulls – “The Royal We” Album Review


Gravelly vocals, screaming choruses, loud fuzzy guitars, loads of energy and of course, melodies, all these things are what make punk rock great; Seagulls, out of Atlanta, can check yes to all those requirements with their latest EP: ‘The Royal We’ released thru Autumn + Color.

The Royal We’ consisting of 5 tracks, packs a punch right out of

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the gate and never looks back. It does what you expect a punk record to do; it comes at you hard and fast, track after track, leaving you in a cloud of chaos while searching for repeat so you can listen again. Their lead vocalist, Steve-Dave Johnson, almost has a “roar” to his voice when he sings the lyrics to their songs. Either Johnson is a damn good actor or he’s just plain real because his voice, these tracks, ooze passion,

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desire, and candor on a level that will make you respect the band regardless of if you’re fan of their style of music or not.

I was fortunate enough to catch a live show a few months back; take the energy and passion you hear on the album, mix in some whiskey and sweat, turn the volume knob to 11 and back up! The in-your-face delivery, the screaming, infectious, melodic lyrics accompanied with the pounding drums, lead bass and dual-guitar attack, will make even the dullest of people start tapping their feet; you just can’t help it! Oh, word of advice, be prepared for Billy Duncan to come at you like a FN tornado armed with a guitar during any song; hold your beers high. Go Grab this EP (it’s got a song called “Darryl Strawberry Fields Forever” for god’s sake), find a show, and go check these “Jabroni’s” out; you’ll be happy you did!

Track listing:


  1. The Implication
  2. Darryl Strawberry Fields Forever
  3. Close One
  4. F.F.M
  5. Santa’s Little Helper


(Similar to: Red City Radio and Nothington with hints of Off with Their Heads and I am the Avalanche)


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