Druid City Brewing hosts 18 and up shows in Taproom this Summer

Things have been pretty quiet for DIY Tuscaloosa since Baby Haus stopped hosting shows in March, but the past two weekends the Druid City Brewing Company‘s Tap Room, built in Summer 2013, has had 18+ shows (and of course 21+ to drink) from 8pm-10pm.


New Tuscaloosa band Steels debuted on Saturday, April 19th, and drew out a pretty good crowd, especially considering it was their first show. Their live sound was much more raw than their recordings, which was very fitting for the acoustics of the Tap Room. Bassist Justin West confirmed that though they don’t currently have any set dates for future shows or recording sessions, they’re “ready to take this town by storm.”

A week ago Saturday, Birmingham’s Dead Balloons played in the Tap Room and were tight as usual. Tap Room manager Bob Baker complimented them as having “this energetic synergy that is very rare in bands these days.” They actually posted some recordings from their new self-titled LP just last week. Vocalist and guitarist Chris Seifert credited it to being recorded at the Druid City Time and Spaceship in Tuscaloosa with Jacob Thomson and David Allen. He also added that they plan to be done with CDs by the end of May and are working on a 45 to come soon. You can listen to their latest released recordings for free and download it for a small donation here.

Both bands complimented the intimate setting as having a unique vibe of not feeling like a bar even though alcohol was served there, and they really enjoyed playing there. I haven’t even played there yet and it’s already my new favorite venue in Tuscaloosa.

To keep updated on the Druid City Brewery’s future shows, follow their Facebook page.


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