Kickstar: Trey Hill Band

jebusUPDATE: The goal has been reached. I hope Trey Hill Band enjoys the BHAMFM Bump..

Once again, I set out to make fun of lame Kickstarter projects, and once again I stand before you not actually doing that.

I’m starting to wonder if I’ve lost my edge. Maybe in my old age I’ve mellowed, and can’t bear to mock people on the internet. I’ve really got to examine my life and see where it went wrong. I used to be mean, you know. At some point this irregular feature is going to turn into actually highlighting good and interesting things from Birmingham on Kickstarter instead of mocking stupid ones. That’s terrifying.

I have found the occasion on this very site to talk about how dumb some “Christians” are. And without going too deep into that territory, let’s just say there’s not any DC Talk in my iTunes library. I have a relatively low opinion of Christian music unless it is sung by Johnny Cash. So seeing a Kickstarter for Christian music, I expected the worst. I braced myself, and hit play on their video.

Dammit, Trey. (sorry). 

Ya’ll are alright. I still don’t know what your music sounds like, and honestly I probably wouldn’t like it. But I can’t hate on you.

As of this writing they are perilously close to not meeting their goal. I don’t remember much about church but I think if you help them reach it you get an indulgence, and then you don’t have to go to purgatory. Or something like that.

Let’s pass the offering plate around and get these boys the money. Maybe they’ll just make more videos instead. I’d be ok with that.




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