My obsession with Mac Demarco started way back in 2012 when I first heard the track “She’s Really All I Need” from his debut album Rock and Roll Night Club. The only words I could come up with to describe it are sleezy, jazzy, and smooth. Immediately I did a YouTube search and found bizarre videos and live performances by Mac Demarco and his old group Makeout Videotape. In 2012, Mac gave us a second release entitled “2”, which garnered him major attention from many music websites and other internet outlets, and from there the legend of Mac Demarco and his band exploded all over the scene. Insane medley covers of the likes of Metallica, Dave Brubeck, and Limp Bizkit during shows, whirlwind tours across the world, clever songwriting and instrumentation, cigarettes, and heartfelt songs written for Mac’s girlfriend KiKi; all define the man and his reputation.

This week, Mac dropped the brand new single “Passing Out Pieces” from his new

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record Salad Days which comes out on 4/1 on Captured Tracks. The new track displays Mac’s knack for groovy 1970s pop aesthetics. This one features some low end synthesizer, shuffling drums, and has Mac’s signature guitar licks sprinkled throughout.

Check it:

As mentioned above, the new record comes out on 4/1 so you will definitely want to grab that. Plus, the band will be on an extensive tour this Spring including stops in Atlanta, Nashville, and Oxford, Mississippi. Unfortunately no stops in the Magic City but those other places are not terribly far away. If you need to get up to speed I suggest checking out Mac’s first to albums “Rock and Roll Night Club” and “2”. Captured Tracks also released a nice “Live and Acoustic” set on cassette tape late last year and it’s also on Spotify in case you can’t find your Walkman.

As my good friend and fellow contributor @Culture_Czar tweeted recently, “Not enough of y’all listen to Mac Demarco and that’s becoming a real concern for me.”


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