Alabama’s keen eye for talent shines through on Bama Love Soul compilation

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We live in a city ripe with new music from local artists. People are in a positive mood because you can feel the upswing in the air, thanks to successful indie venues and fledgling record shops.

So, when I tell you Birmingham is home to one of the foremost soul music sites on the internet, you’re allowed to be shocked, but you must immediately dive into what you’ve been missing all along. is a sahara in what I hear alot of people call a “wasteland” of local music coverage.

Hey now, we resemble that comment. Back to BLS though. The co-op of local artists & writers has just curated the second incarnation of “On Deck”, a love letter to what is really happening in the world of chill hiphop and soulful new music. Its not releasing until February but I got to listen for myself and I’m smitten. And proud. I used to say “Birmingham needs this” when good things happen, but we’re in such a better place entertainment-wise since I began this site back in 07 that I now say “our city deserves this”. Stay tuned. I will post every link for y’all to listen the day it drops.

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I defy you to find someone who cant find a track to get lost inside within the first listen of “On Deck 2”. Mine was GDNA’s – “Calm”. The closest I’ve come to electronic music lately is local boy Balcony View, so I’m no expert. But I do have a new insight into my own musical palette. Damn. Thanks, BLS.

I wrote in detail about Solange’s SAINT HERON effort a few months back and please let me eat the shit out of my own hat right now. Birmingham knocked her record out of the water. Legit local artists? Check. New & exciting acts from all over the world chosen by a Birmingham native? They gotchu.

Even more beautiful? You can order most of their compilations to listen to on 180 gram vinyl. Buying and consuming local. Trust me, you are going to want it.

Here you go. Your new favorite soul clearinghouse. Birmingham rules sometimes (MOST TIMES).

Click here to listen to dozens of their mixes. YYYYAAAAASSSSS.

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