Arliss Nancy / Those Crosstown Rivals – Split 7″ review

Fun Fact: When Arliss Nancy played in Birmingham, AL in October, Cory Call gifted me a Those Crosstown Rivals trucker hat. It’s a small world ladies & gentlemen.

So you’ve been listening to Arliss Nancy’s new album Wild American Runners, one of the best albums of 2013, now you want more; let’s “Benjamin Button” this shit and go back in time. Earlier this year, Shit Starter Records( released a 7” split album with Arliss Nancy and Those Crosstown Rivals consisting of 4 tracks; two of which are bonus cuts. Although this album doesn’t offer many tracks to fully grasp the genius writing both these bands possess, it’s the perfect “introduction” for new fans and the perfect amount of whiskey-driven rock and roll to satisfy any music addict’s needs. Plus, it’s another great record to add to your collection, EVERYONE WINS!!

Arliss Nancy kicks off the album with a track titled “Both Got Old.” Yes, this track is also on the new album Wild American Runners but each album offers an alternate version of the song; judge for yourself which version you like better. This track depicts the main character’s battle with cancer; wishing, hoping, lamenting about missed chances and ”do-over’s.” Behind the accompanying keys (with a killer organ solo at the 2:30 mark I must add!), punk rock influenced drums, whiskey-driven guitar riffs, and a gritty, raspy voice projected from Cory Call, lies a touching, sad song. Not only are the vocal styling’s of Call captivating, the grittiness of his voice actually conveys the emotions in such a way that even you will feel connected to the story. About a month ago, they released a video for this song. It’s a great video that just focuses on the important things; the band, the music, and the lyrical content. It’s easy to see from the video that AN is passionate about their music and focused on the task in front of them( If you want to read more about Arliss Nancy, specifically a review of Wild American Runners, click this:

   “Won’t you look at me, I got nothing to show. Well I had big dreams but they’re all a joke. Because I chose that path, that most wouldn’t take but I bought that ticket and I’ll surely take the ride.” This is the first couple of lines from“Look at Me” by Those Crosstown Rivals (TCR) and if these words aren’t the definition of a touring rock and roll band then they need to be. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing TCR live a few times and they are easily one of my favorite shows to attend because they BRING IT every damn time they play; it’s intense! TCR simply is a southern, whiskey-fueled, no bullshit, rock n roll band drenched in blood, sweat, and tears. Ok, back to the album… “Look at Me” is an angry, Jameson-driven ride through the tortured mind of a person who has given all that they can give, keep getting knocked down, but find a silver-lining in each situation: “I will be just fine tonight”. It’s a killer song filled with great lyrics from a pure, southern, rock n roll band from Kentucky.

I spoke with Cory Hanks (bass/vocals) from Those Crosstown Rivals about this album and their relationship(s) with Arliss Nancy. This little story goes to show just how much music can bring people together, create bonds, and assist in making dreams a reality: “My favorite story about this split is how we discovered Arliss Nancy online back in 2010 because of their album“Truckstop Roses”. We all loved those songs and became big fans of the band and their music. I remember talking to Minks (Bryan. Lead guitar and vocals) about them and said ”Man, wouldn’t it be cool if we could do a show with those guys one day? What if they were touring through KY and we opened for em?” Turns out we were the ones on tour through Colorado (AN is from Ft. Collins) two years later and asked them to hop on the bill.  Next thing I know we’re partying at each others’ houses across the country and releasing a split together. ” THAT, my friends, is rock n’ roll. – JT

Track Listing:

    1. Both Got Old – Arliss Nancy
    2. Look at Me – Those Crosstown Rivals
    3. Can’t Go Back (Bonus Track) – Arliss Nancy
    4. Kentucky Woman (Bonus Track) – Those Crosstown Rivals

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