Got that Old with the New New

Hey y’all, it’s your resident Northerner Lone, checking in again on my favorite site from below the Mason-Dixon. Today I’ve got a special treat for you: over the last couple days I’ve been wracking my brain/iTunes/Spotify for my favorite songs of 2013, and I’ve finally got it right. Originally posted on my own site (shameless plug!), The gurl-in-chief Brightsides suggested I toss this over here.

Now, there are some notable omissions since Spotify doesn’t support mixtape cuts (for shame, mega-corporation.) This means I can’t include cuts from Acid Rap1017 ThugFree CrackINNANETAPE and FBG: The Movie. However, it’s still a pretty comprehensive list of the hottest songs of the year. Check out the Spotify playlist below, and subscribe if ya feel it!


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