WHOA! Is it 2014 already? If you’ve ever watched the movie Back to the Future, Part II then you know that Marty and Doc use the Delorean to go to the year 2015 when they went to the future. Basically, that means we should have already seen a model or at least a proto-type of a flying car and should have been able to buy one by now. Get to work, auto industry.

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted a vintage music video on this website and I thought about dropping some U2 or even Death Cab For Cutie, because they both have songs about New Year’s Day or “the new year, but I decided against that. Too cliche. Instead I am posting a “not that vintage” video from the short lived Jason Schwartzman (actor in Wes Anderson movies [Max Fischer from Rushmore], musician in band Phantom Planet who had that one song called “California” that was awesome) music project called Coconut Records. Since I saw Jason playing piano in the film “Saving Mr. Banks” over the holiday I remembered this song and video from way way back in 2009.

It’s an extremely catchy song and the video stars indie movie actress babe Chloë Sevigny riding a long board. I enjoyed the music of Coconut Records but I haven’t heard anything in a long time. Maybe Jason will get behind the piano again soon but until then, here’s the music video for “Any Fun”.

Happy New Year!


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