Album Review: Lydia Loveless – “Boy Crazy”

LL3If American Aquarium and Lucinda Williams had a baby, her name would be Lydia Loveless. Loveless’ new album “Boy Crazy” already won me over with the cover art; reflections of baseball players in the sunglasses!? Yes ma’am! The cover isn’t the only thing great about this album though, the tracks are pretty spectacular even without pictures. All the tracks on this album are heavily saturated with pedal steel, alt-country riffs, and plenty of attitude. To an extent, most of these songs have to do with relationships: good ones, bad ones, and late night ones. How does Loveless describe this album:

“We rehearsed for about a week and then went into the studio with a couple thirty packs and knocked it out. It’s my rock and roll tribute to baseball pants and youth.”

Loveless’ songwriting (she writes all her own Mr Green Casino er en trygg spilleside som handler bare om Casino uten noen distraksjoner fra sider og annonser som er ikke Casino relaterte. material) is honest, heartfelt, non-apologetic, and real. This new album “Boy Crazy” is less cow-punk and more pop then her first couple of albums but don’t get it twisted, this ain’t Gaga or Britney Spears pop; the Americana sweetheart from Ohio, Lydia Loveless, will whoop their asses. Literally. The album contains 5 tracks. One of those tracks, “Lover’s Spat”, should be one of the top 10 alt-country tracks of 2013 (it is on my “best of” list); plus it’s about Jeffrey Dahmer; Lydia wins. I sincerely hope the 23 year old Loveless is ready for 2014 because if this album is any indication of ‘what’s to come’ she may have just accidentally set herself up to become a household name and an alt-country star.

Release date: 12/3/13


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