Show Review: Titus Andronicus/LUCERO in ATL

tumblr_mwvn97Mj5V1smgjyeo10_r1_1280Last Friday, November 22nd, Lucero kicked off their 3 night stand in Atlanta. I could only attend the Friday night show so I was hoping for three things: A great show, a great setlist, and a great crowd; Nobody disappointed. From the moment I walked in the venue I could feel the excitement and smell the whiskey; both of these things foreshadowing what I knew was coming next, rock and roll.

The stage is set, sound check is complete, lights are dim and here comes the boys, Lucero. Ben doesn’t even make it to the microphone without first taking a shot of whiskey given to him by a fan, chased with the cheers and applause from the crowd. Speaking of the crowd, The “Lucero family” is no joke, it’s literally like a family reunion at their shows; everybody knows everybody (I’ve never felt more comfortable hugging “strangers” before in my life). Nichols started the show by thanking everyone for coming, he sounded genuinally humbled by the number of folks in attendance, then explained that this stop on tour was going to be recorded for a live Lucero album; all three nights. Cheers boys, I’ll drink to that.

I was able to keep track of most of the setlist, thanks LT for your help too, but it did get a little bit fuzzy towards the end; thanks to PBR & Jameson 😉 Lucero ripped through hit after hit beginning with “On My Way Downtown without much interruption except a couple times that Ben forgot the words to some older tracks (some things never change), however, the fans in attendance didn’t miss a word. It was almost as if they were reading the lyrics off of a sheet; that’s a REAL fan. Besides the fans, the one thing that has always amazed me about Lucero and other similar bands is the way they can play some of the wildest, rowdiest shows but sing such slow, sad songs about heartbreak, lost love, and self-destruction; it’s an anomaly! Nonetheless, if you weren’t there (at least one of the nights) you missed a hell of a show. Confession: This was the first time I’ve seen them in about 5-6 years. It won’t be that long again. – JT

*be on the lookout for the live album*

Here’s some of what

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you missed Friday night, In no particular order:

  • That Much Further West
  • Sweet Little Thing
  • Chain Link Fence
  • Texas & Tennessee
  • Union Pacific Line
  • Nights Like These
  • Kiss The Bottle
  • Bikeriders
  • Like Lightning
  • Women & Work
  • I’ll Just Fall
  • Little Silver Heart
  • Slow Dancing
  • All Sewn Up
  • Wasted
  • Can’t feel a Thing
  • Fistful of Tears
  • Tears Don’t Matter Much
  • Downtown Intro / On My Way Downtown
  • Last Pale Light in the West (Ben solo)
  • The War (Ben solo)

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