The horrible music of the Iron Bowl

Oh you thought you’d escape football talk on here? That’s adorable. You can’t. You can’t live in (or care about) Birmingham and not have football shoved into your face. Not this week, son. Maybe next week. I get it- maybe you don’t really care for football. Maybe the constant buzz of antagonism gets you down. Maybe you thought this site was better than that.

It’s not. I have spent my whole damn life concerned with the fortunes of the Auburn Tigers. My emotional state has ebbed and risen with a bunch of college kids’ performance on a football field.

I know it’s weird. I don’t care.

Music plays a part here, too. Get comfortable. It’s going to get bad before it gets good. In some cases, real bad.


Now for the good. In 2011 I worked for a local TV station. That station employed BJ Millican at the time, and he got some local artists to produce some songs for our ridiculous 8 hour pre game show. I am proud to have connected him with The Green Seed. He found this first guy on his own.



In 2010, before the greatest football game I’ve ever watched, Bama played “Son of a Preacher Man” and “Take the Money and Run” as Cam Newton (who ALLEGEDLY took money to play at Auburn) took the field.  I am reasonably sure the guy who did it got fired, but he also got a great story to tell the rest of his life.



Enjoy this week, but don’t listen to any of these songs (except the last two) ever, ever again.

War Damn Eagle.


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