Renaissance Man Baron Amato talks poetry, hip hop & fashion

1149026_10201041919862637_535299033_nBirmingham is full of interesting people. Musicians, fashion junkies, poets, radio personalities, rappers & actors. Not everyone is all of these at once.

He’s a spoken word poet who works with a close knit group of local musicians to make music as an emcee. He also headed up UAB’s BlazeRadio while studying towards his degree in Communications. He’s also a sharp dresser who honed his love of fashion & design by becoming involved with clothing line, 1987 Supply Company. He’s now in NOLA using his classical training in theater to gain roles in TV, music videos & film.

I spoke with Mobile native and current NOLA resident Baron Amato about his many outlets and how he still keeps a creative lifeline to our city.

BHAMFM: You’re a quite literally a poet. At what age did you discover your love for poetry?

Baron: Wow. It was late for me. It was when I first got to college, around 18. It came along as a form of release for a lot of things I was dealing with personally at that time.

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BHAMFM: You perform your poems on stage. How quickly did that translate into music? Do you also play any instruments as well as rap?

Baron: “I ain’t went this hard since i was 18…” (does Drake hand motion) Ha! Yes, I’ve performed my poetry mainly at open mics up until recently. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to perform at a beautifully themed wedding. I do rap, and I do sing. I feel that poetry is the foundation of all

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art, at least mine. I played piano in high school and just started back at it again a few weeks ago.

BHAMFM: You were invited to perform at a poetry event called Flow. Tell us a little about that.

Baron: I went out to Seattle right after graduation and the door opened for me to perform alongside some of their city’s best at a venue called Lucid Lounge. Great place! Seattle is great. I also placed second in a slam poetry competition while I was there.

BHAMFM: I’ve been listening to Sound Like A Dream by your group District Phive a lot lately. Do y’all have any projects in the pipeline right now?

Baron: Yes! No Suh Foster & I released our second single God Bless & Safe Travels from our duo project Oh The Places We’ll Go, set to be released February 28th.

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BHAMFM: You’re one of the best dressed dudes I know. Who is your sartorial hero?

Baron: Thank you kindly! I learned everything I know from my dad. He’s where I get my style from. Also, the older black men in my neighborhood have this different style that I really soak up a lot from.

BHAMFM: You were recently an extra in an episode of Ravenswood, a TV series aired on ABC Family. How did that come about?

Baron: I’ve been involved in theater most of my life and when I moved to New Orleans after graduating UAB I promised myself that I would use that training. I got involved with some casting agencies and boom! I’m a tortured slave to it now (laughs).

BHAMFM: You’re involved with Inner Recess. Tell me a little about the mission

& what you guys do.

Baron: My brother actually owns Inner Recess. We’re a multimedia facility in New Orleans, Louisiana. A state of the art recording studio that ranges from audio mixing to video production. We want to provide quality multimedia service to our clients. (They also do record & vinyl swaps! I love it! — author’s note)

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 10.12.33 PM

BHAMFM: Who are your favorite artists or bands to listen to at the moment?

Baron: I’m blessed to work with a lot of great artists out of Alabama and right now my phone is full of their music! I’m really into the Bama scene right now: (BHAMFM FAVORITE!) Jas’mine Garfield, Indyah Rashuad, Haruskii, Eugenius, Dee Skillz, Chris Jay and in the mix of all that is Hiatus Kaiyote and Little Dragon. Janelle Monae‘s new album is timeless! Also, the poet named Jasmine Mans


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