Like Lucero? Get up on this Arliss Nancy: A Review of “Wild American Runners”

Y’all welcome Nashville/BHM by way of Huntsville boy Justin Tidwell, live music digester extraordinaire to the ranks of BHAMFM. He’ll be crisscrossing the Southeast bringing us new music & even better show reviews + photos. Everybody say hey and hit him up on Twitter for daily updates.


Two words, four syllables: Arliss Nancy. You know those songs where you can’t help but stomp, sing & even scream along too? The kind where you’re tingling from chills you get when the lyrics and your excitement takes completes control and it’s just pure enjoyment where you can’t even stop smiling!? Well, that was my first experience with Arliss Nancy, and their new album “Wild American Runners” doesn’t change those feelings; it actually just intensifies them.

Arliss Nancy is a 5 piece rock band out of Ft. Collins, CO that deliver songs with so much passion and sincere/heart-felt lyrics that I honestly cannot think of anyone else who does it better. Yes, I’m a fan of Lucero and I think Ben is a lyrical genius and they are a great band, that being said Arliss Nancy simply does it better. Cory Call (guitar and vocals), and Kyle “GB” Oppold (bass, vocals), have found the perfect combination of grit, grunge, punk rock, and attitude to go perfectly with their harsh, rough, raspy voices. Behind these two bearded bastards are Chris Love (keyboard), Jason Oscar Larson(guitar), and Dominic Buttice(drums). These three are responsible for taking these songs and turning them into whiskey-soaked, country-tinged, hard-hitting, punk rock (or Dixie Grunge or Blue-Collar punk rock) that will flow through your body like a current of electricity.

Arliss Nancy has been touring relentlessly the past couple of months

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trying to spread the good word to more people and also in support of Wild American Runners, their latest masterpiece. Yes, I said masterpiece. This is by far one of the top 5 five albums of the year; if you haven’t heard it, do it NOW (If you thought “Simple Machines” was a great album get ready to be blown away). I could write something about each track but there really isn’t need; most of the titles speak for themselves. Not only does this album reek of true life, hard times, and brutal honesty, it’s also safe to say the boys mean business; they are singing from past experiences and they’re not holding back. If you want an album that’s all sunshine and rainbows, I’m sure Katy Perry has a greatest hits or something, but if you want some REAL music then you need Wild American Runners. No one else can successfully write whiskey-fueled, sad, depressing songs that still encompass the pure essence of rock and roll quite like Arliss Nancy. A lot of folks thought they peaked with “Simple Machines”, this album is proof nothing could be further from the truth. Arliss Nancy haven’t peaked, they’ve arrived and I think they’ll be here for a LONG time.

“I love the way the whiskey burns inside of me, I love the way it helps me to forget what you and I couldn’t be; it’s cold outside it keeps me warm when you’re not there by my side, so the story goes, nothing changes, I got nothing to show.”


Friday, November 15th they’ll celebrate with an album release show way out west at Road 34 in Ft. Collins, Colorado with Red City Radio and Drag The River

Head on over to iTunes to listen for yourself: Wild American Runners


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