Hear the future of R&B: The Saint Heron Compilation

saintheron1Beyonce has brought the world so much. What you may not know is her sister is doing more to cultivate the music industry than Beyonce may ever get around to.

If you don’t know Solange by now, I’m sorry for you. Take a Wikipedia break and find out what she’s been up to for 20 years and then ffwd to now. She’s chosen a very different path than her sister. She’s managed to carve out a career as a breakthrough Brooklyn artist from her poppy, Houston & massively overshadowed upbringing. She is raising a son who speaks French and has better hair than me. She dresses like I have tried to so many times and failed, y’all.

She has a singular sound that has injected more groove into modern music than anyone besides Drake in recent memory. I’ll give The Weeknd a shoutout. That’s all he gets though.

The opening two songs on her most recent effort “True” have endeared Solange in my heart forever. She is clearly a fan of Little Dragon, Dirty Projectors (who she has performed with & covered live many times) & is gonna be the harbinger of the steady trend of excavating the GOOD elements of 80s music when the past decade was spent mining it for idiot gold. I’m not saying there’s not Mileys and Rihannas out there raping the memory of the dayglo 80s & 90s with their

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album art and overall appearance, I’m just saying it ain’t worth preserving. Certainly when it seems like the only one resurrecting that era of music and having any content & character behind it is Solange.

For this compilation — an album produced and curated by Solange — she invited Sampha & a few other electronic staples along. She threw in a few neosoul & ATL/Houston 2000s truists in there and it seems almost perfect. Jaded by Jade J has been repeated so many times on my Spotify that my speakers could replay it from sensory recall now.

And then there’s Cassie.

There’s no real defending that. However, the track “Indo” sounds nothing like Cassie. I actually thought Solange was singing it, so don’t let that speedbump keep you from vibing.

I use vibing extremely literally. This is the smoothest, stonerific R&B album in ages. It’s like if (as I jibed earlier) The Weeknd actually woke himself up from his rapey “chill” fugue and met a girl. The female voices on this album are refreshing and beautiful. I’m glad they’re out there getting a piece of chillwave transcending into urban music.

So if you smoke, take a hit, sit back on this Saint Heron & you’re set for an hour’s worth of floating.

If you’re like me and don’t, lay down in a comfy spot and close them eyes. You can still feel it. Ain’t music great?

saint heron4


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