New week, new music: Younghusband

YHpressAs a writer, but more importantly as a person with a deep obsession to consume music, I hear a lot of stuff. Much of it is clouded in my own attitudes about a band’s previous work, their members on a personal level or where they fit on the weird & wonderful map of things I’ve already heard.

I’ve been making a massive conscious effort to be more easy going about how I approach new music, in two ways. I’ll seek out new music based on good reviews of friends & press I respect. That has been surprisingly less fruitful than my second approach: randomly clicking on shit in Soundcloud or Spotify.

I am 27 years old and thanks to the latter, I have discovered I am a huge fan of Kraut and psych rock. What a cool piece of self discovery (it’s not). Who cares? If my brain seems set on some vague Eurotrip fantasy, I’m gonna chase what makes my ears flutter (yes that is a twothirtyeight easter egg).

One of the new albums I’ve held onto and played in the car incessantly — the best sign of whether it’s made it’s way into my heart or not — is Younghusband’s Dromes.

I haven’t lived inside a record this much since Alt J’s Mercury Prize-winning “Awesome Wave”.

The London-based

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band worked with Nicholas Vernhes, a producer with list of credits long enough to speak for itself. Spoiler alert: this bro’s good. Like Deerhunter Monomania and Dirty Projectors Bitter Orca good.

My brain keeps navigating me back to the Broken Bells self-titled full length, and with my anticipation of Danger Mouse & James Mercer doing it again on their second attempt After the Disco in 2014, maybe Dromes hit at just the right time.

Lead singer Euan Hinshelwood isn’t completely James Mercer (Shins, Broken Bells as I said above). It’s quite obviously got a heavy dose of Tame Impala.

This is the part where you all begin to stop respecting me. I’m not the biggest fan of Tame Impala. That’s probably gonna ostracize the hell out of me with my own peers, but fuck it. I was into wavy and immersing Bonobo at the time and didn’t have enough head or heart space to dedicate to Tame Impala’s soundscapes. HAVE NO FEAR: Chris and Culture Czar did and can attest to that record & the band’s liveshow.

Getting back on track, this has just enough drift, barreling guitar & breathy repetitive lyrics to be the next best freshman album you listen to.

Dromes is up in full on Spotify now.


Younghusbands, y’all.



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