Meet new sexy, cool friends!

If you’re like me, hustling 9-5 and then finding time to sleep while ingesting copious amounts of music gets in the way of meeting new, interesting people.

ALAS, sitting in front of the computer scoping out music sites pays off!

friends1I’ve been listening to a band called Friends for a little over a year. I was first drawn to them with the strength of a thousand sexy magnets (but arent they all you say) when I heard “I’m His Girl”. I had no visual. Well, besides (no pun intended) the side boob action going on the single’s cover. It was a random stumble into a new song on Spotify but an ingenue singing uberconfident lyrics about her “man” over a beat that would fit Ratatat like a glove, I was in love. The background music drops out at quiet points, and it shines a light on her steamy voice and Jon Brion-esque deep chimes. PERFECT.

Now, Blood Orange have released their new track “You’re Not Good Enough” and like they consulted with ya girl Whitney herself, Friends’ lead singer Samantha Urbani is on the track shooting barbs of “you know that were never good enough” and “I was never in love” right through your heart. Ouch y’all.

But I would have rather it been her than anyone else. Her particular brand of being the musical version of that Fiona Apple character on HBO Girls is working for me. Even if this might just be white people’s attempt at making their own Solange album.

Here’s a lyric video run through old Android Hipstamatic filters, BUT SERIOUSLY. Read the lyrics. They mean but I like ’em.

For fans of: Chromeo, CSS, Ratatat and New Young Pony Club


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