GET TRYIN: The //GT Interview

I talked with Mark Beasley of //GT this week about touring, making their two awesome EPs and their upcoming show at Bottletree this weekend. Go see them play with fellow post rockers Crystal Stilts & Zachary Cale for 10 bucks Sunday night!


BHAMFM: You guys as separate members have played in tons of bands before. What was the motivation for forming GT — to play with friends (bandmates Byron Sonnier and Scotty Lee) or to make a sound you all mutually loved?

Mark: The initial motivation was Scotty and his desire to record and perform his compositions. I joined because I liked what he was doing and it has evolved from there.

BHAMFM: Could you give us a little backstory on both the self-titled EP and the Heavy Dreams EP and how it was different recording each? Was the latest an extension of songs you’d already written/played live?

Mark: Heavy Dreams was recorded with Les Nuby (Verbena, Vulture Whale). We were very well-rehearsed on most songs and knocked things out in a few takes. Other than vocals there were no overdubs. Get Tryin’ was recorded with Michael Shackleford (The Grenadines) with some help from Lynn Bridges. Much more guitar overdubs and experimental mixing.

BHAMFM: BLOGGER BLURB TIME. Gun to your head: which of these comparisons you’ve drawn is the corniest or spot on: “Heavy psychedelic punk rock”, “stoner surf” or “Southern grunge”?

Mark: Stoner Surf cracks me up because we really did sound like that at first with all the instrumental sections.

BHAMFM: Two of you work behind the scenes at Bottletree. How did the venues on your recent tour compare?

Mark: We played some really cool spots along the way. I enjoyed O’Sullivan’s in Fort Wayne, IN because I got free beer, which is now an Instagram legacy. The Windup Space in Baltimore was cool with a Twin Peaks inspired stage. We got to see a Baltimore band have a “Replacements moment.” The Milestone IS the Nick of Charlotte, awesome.


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