This year I’ve been really delving into electronic music. Disclosure, Jon Hopkins, Nicolas Jaar, Onehotrix Point Never are just a few of the groups that I’ve been listening to as well as some older EDM, techno, 2 step, and dub music.

If I had to pinpoint my first real “taste” of good, danceable electronic music, my mind springs back to some of the early Daft Punk songs I got really into after seeing some of their music videos on MTV. One song in particular, aptly named “Da Funk” off their fantastic debut album from way back in ’97 “Homework”, resonated in my mind because of the video. An upright walking dog with a broken leg walks around the city streets at night with a radio blasting the aforementioned song. What a concept.

With the recent success of Daft Punk’s newest record and all of the “Get Lucky” covers that have come about, I decided we needed a refresher course on just how ground-breaking our two robot friends really were in the late ’90s.

Here’s the video for “Da Funk”. You can bob your head, it’s fine.


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