Finding MOIST

Note: Part 2 is up, and a fantastic story about Moist meeting Daze for the first time. Clicky.

I love graffiti. I love thinking about how the hell they did it, I love the art they create. I’ve watched Exit Through The Gift Shop multiple times. Because I get it. I’m never, ever going to participate (other than playing Getting Up), but I really do like the act itself. I feel the same way about Urban Exploration, but that’s the subject of another story.

Anyways, there’s really two tags I notice around town- Daze and Moist. I see them everywhere. I’ve always had the hopes of sniffing out who either of them are, and doing an interview with them. Turns out a mom blogger, Rachel, has beaten me to the punch. I did not expect that.

Here is part one of her two part interview with Moist. Really, really great stuff. Part two should show up next week on her blog. The hattest of hat tips to /r/birmingham for pointing this out to me.

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I found a ten minute documentary about Birmingham graffiti artists and a local news clip about the horrible nuisance that it is!


7 thoughts on “Finding MOIST

  1. I saw quite a few MOIST pieces around Tuscaloosa today. One waaaaay up on tower that I have no idea how the hell he did it. I also saw one near the Alabama/Tennessee border last week.


  2. Anyone know if either Moist or Daze claimed the ‘F— the Police’ piece that recently popped up in Mountain Brook? I want a framed shot of that for my manroom.


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