I read recently that next Friday’s Sigur Ros concert at the BJCC has not only not sold out already, but that there are tickets available on a buy one get one free basis. On the one hand, this is great news for people who may not have been able to afford the tickets when they first went on sale.

However, some early buyers are surely miffed at having to pay what now amounts to double.

In either case, I can’t help but feel like this is some kind of karma: Birmingham doesn’t get to complain about not getting any “big shows”, then sleep on the big shows when they do come.

Too many times in my show-going life, I’ve heard people lamenting about having to drive to Atlanta or Nashville to see that big show that’s “never coming to Birmingham anyway”. Be careful what you wish for: you just might get it.

I’ve seen Sigur Ros live twice: once at the Tabernacle, and again at the Michigan Theater. Some drunk guy hooting in the balcony the entire show in Atlanta kept Sigur Ros from returning for an encore, but it was a blissful event nonetheless. In Ann Arbor, there were no drunken slobs, so we were treated to the beautiful set AND an encore performance ending with “#8 (Popplagio)” from “( )”. It is rare (unless you are on some legally questionable mind-altering substances) to have a musical performance transcend watching some guys playing music and turn into experiencing the music the way a Sigur Ros concert does.

Silence between musical phrases becomes deafening. Your heart pounds in time with the pace of the drums. You feel each note. Insert another emoting musical cliche here. You get the idea.

Folks, don’t let this show become that Creed show at the BJCC a few years ago, where tickets were available for a PENNY the day of the show (not that I’m endorsing Creed, even though we all know Creed Shreds). If you waited this long for tickets, buy two and take a friend. Take

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your mom. Take your roommate. Take the money you saved on a ticket and buy their new album “Kveikur”. Take a cute girl and be there to hold her hand and be a shoulder to cry on, because it will be needed. Otherwise, the next time Birmingham evokes its self-fulfilling prophecy of never getting good shows, it will need that shoulder to cry on when shows skip over us because we let other cities’ high-demand tickets turn into twofers.


11 thoughts on “Sigur Ros 2-for-1s, or, THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS

  1. When they announced the show, the first thing I thought was, “There’s no way they’re going to fill the BJCC.” Surely Workplay would have been a more suitable place to book?


    1. Perhaps. I’m admitting ignorance by saying I had never heard of the “Magic City Theatre” until this show, so I had assumed it was a space appropriate in size for Sigur Ros. A friend of mine said he thought Sloss was more appropriate for size, but can you imagine the acoustics?


      1. They could probably fill a BJCC-sized auditorium in a larger city like Atlanta. Here, however, I can’t imagine they have a enough fans to fill half the venue. That place is generally reserved for mega-huge country acts and teenyboppers. I put the blame more on the band’s booking than I do Birmingham. Even more popular bands like Queens of the Stone Age have the good sense to book smaller places like Workplay.

        Sloss would have been a good venue for them… well, until a train went by during a quiet song.


      2. Good point, although to be fair, that QOTSA tour was designed to be in more intimate spaces like that WorkPlay side room they played since they were touring their re-released debut s/t album. Great show, too, but I’m sure that if they were headlining a tour for their latest album and came to Birmingham, they would go for something bigger.


    2. WorkPlay would’ve been way too tiny, both from a production and attendance standpoint. I think the ideal would’ve been The Alabama Theatre, but Sigur Ros’ stage is MASSIVE (saw them in Nashville last Friday.)

      I would’ve liked to have seen them put in Railroad Park or something similar. BJCC is supposedly the only indoor venue large enough to house their stage. From what I was told, SR wanted to do something outside, promoters really wanted it indoors.


  2. I’m on the other side of the coin. I just assumed this would sell out instantly and Im not enough of a fan to bother trying scalpers prices. I really had no idea. If I even had a clue tickets were available for a reasonable price I would have found a babysitter and brought friends with me.


    1. I assumed it was going to sell out too. Again, I thought the Magic City Theater was a smaller piece of the BJCC, unlike the massive Concert Hall that I admit even Sigur Ros probably wouldn’t sell out. At any rate, tickets are now easy to come by, so call that babysitter and take some friends!


  3. The reality is that this show was simply booked in WAY to big of a venue. MAYBE five years ago, this band could have filled this. But these guys just aren’t as buzzy as they used to be. Big time overreach by the promoter. Hope it does well.


  4. There was a time in my life when I would have been really pumped about seeing Sigur Ros, but now their fit squarely into a “meh” cat agora where I would go if given a ticket, but don’t care enough to spend the money. There are a number of better venues for this show such as The Alabama Theatre, Workplay Soundstage (if you want it to sound like balls), or The Alys Stephens Center. I don’t mind driving to Atlanta or Nashville for “big” shows as long as Bottletree and The Forge can keep attracting bands that are actually way to big to play places that size in most markets.


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