Don’t run away from Pain, don’t run away.

Fall of 1993 I went to Auburn University for my first quarter of college. We were on quarters then. That’s how old I am. I signed up to work a shift at WEGL, Auburn’s college radio station. My shift was midnight-2 a.m. The way it worked was this- there were four colors. You had to play so many from each color an hour, and then when you played it, you put the cart (basically a CD in a permacase) in the back of the box so that the same songs wouldn’t get played all the time. The yellow box- that was the locals. And my first shift, I played Milk by Pain. I’ll never forget it. I loved this band from the first moment.

That’s a later version than the one that was on their first album, but you get the idea. I played this damn song on EVERY SHIFT until they rotated it out. And then I played Man Upstairs or Excalibur. Because this band, more than any other, defined my years flailing around Auburn failing classes and drinking keg beer. Pain stayed on my friend’s couch. I think Pose got sick of me talking to him about how much I love them. I drove to Tuscaloosa to see them. Tuscaloosa!

So what happened? I’m not really sure. Their page hasn’t been updated since 2009. I asked around on twitter and a friend knows somebody who may know somebody. I will probably reach out and try to do an interview. According to Wikipedia, Pose teaches at a college in Georgia and Dan (the lead singer) wrote a Christian book.  but let’s just listen to some Pain together. Everything is going to be alright.

Pain put out 5 albums.Goggins, Midgets With Guns, Wonderful Beef, Full Speed Ahead, and On Air. They are all wonderful and available on iTunes and Spotify. Hilariously they are mixed in with some other band named Pain. I suggest Midgets with Guns and Goggins, but hell there’s something smile-inducing on every single one. On-Air is the live album and, well, not the best quality.  They also had a brush with fame when they recorded an updated Jabberjaw theme for Cartoon Network. There’s an EP of that, and God I hope they got some cash out of that.

So this post is more about how I miss Pain. I wish, in an alternate but better reality, they were selling out Red Rocks tonight. But I still have hope. Because there was a prophesy foretold in one of their songs. To quote Pose Ode,

So don’t be afraid of Pain don’t run away…’cause after we’re done here we’ll come back one day again and again until we have the money to retire.


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