Pics: Days Like Always/Sloss Minor at The Forge

First, let me warn you how incredibly compromised we are with the band Sloss Minor. We are twitter friends, and occasionally real-life cohorts. They have cute dogs. They’re good people. So please let the fact that we took pictures of them wash over you and such. Rachael let us know they were playing The Forge on Friday night, and we used it as an opportunity to go somewhere we hadn’t been, and take pictures. There were 5 bands playing, but I got pictures of 3 of them. The ones I missed were American Opera and The End of an Era. The Forge is a nice venue, but my camera requires beer to operate. Judge me if you need to. I’m ok with that.

We walked in with Phil Dudley finishing up his set. I captured but one picture of him. Let this be a warning to you, The Forge’s lighting was… fun. Different. You’re going to see some grain. You may even see some digital artifacts. Let’s go on this journey together. This journey of ISO noise.

Phil Dudley












Next up was Days Like Always, from Sylacauga.

Sloss Minor (or 2 members of it) played next. They ran through a bunch of new songs off their record coming out early next year and closed with my favorite tune of theirs, Human Centipede.

If The Forge ever does a Kickstarter for lighting, I’ll gladly throw some bucks their way. Other than that, a very cool venue that I hope to get back to sometime.


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