It’s Friday again and we need some vintage music videos in our lives wouldn’t ya say? How ’bout TWO throwback jams? YOU GOT IT, YO!

When you think of New York hip-hop, the first group that probably springs is Wu-Tang Clan. When I think of New York hip-hop I think of A Tribe Called Quest (although I love the Wu, too). Tribe had hit after hit in the ’90s and their positive vibes struck a nice balance with the more popular ganster rap of that period.

I’ve been to New York City a few times now and anytime I’m in a cab, gazing out the window looking at the buildings, I can’t help but think of the scene in the video for “Electric Relaxation” where Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, and Ali ride in the cab and rhyme over that classic hip hop beat in the cab while riding thru the city streets. What a cool image of the city of New York.

Our second Tribe video for “Check the Rhime” shows scenes of a dance party in the streets where it’s clear that everyone is having fun and enjoying the moment. Classic ’90s “party” video. Makes you want to transport yourself to that time and just vibe with the crowd. Plus the beat on this track is, and this is the only word I come up with, DOPE.

Check it:

A little classic hip hop to get your weekend started off right.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Q Tip is fine. Thanks for your time y’all, Whitney the Editor


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