BHAMFM catches up with Katie Crutchfield of Waxahatchee

As you might have heard by now, Birmingham’s own Katie Crutchfield has a musical project called Waxahatchee. She’s received glowing reviews from the big guys like Pitchfork and NPR, but this Friday she’s returning home alongside Screaming Females, Tenement, and local opener The Urns (they’re putting out a record!). I was able to catch up with Katie via email this week while she was on tour and ask a few questions. Check it out below, and come to Bottletree tonight (9/20) to catch her and all the other great bands!

Josh:  How was touring with Tegan and Sara? Did you get any sweet major label catering?

Katie: It was really cool. They have the best audience and they were very nice to us. There was catering at alot of the shows!

Josh: Did you find that being a twin, and especially a twin that has shared a band with her sister, help you to have anything in common with them?

Katie: Yeah. We have a ton in common. Their mom was on the tour too, so there was LOTS of twin talk.

Josh: Has the writing process changed as for you as Waxahatchee has gone on?

Katie: Not really. I haven’t written anything new for Waxahatchee since this newest record came out. I have plans to write my next record pretty much exactly how I did my last one.

Josh: How has Philadelphia become your new home? Did the city, and the musicians you know there help to shape Cerulean Salt?

Katie: Yes AND no. I actually just moved away from Philly, but there is a lot of cool music coming out of there. We record “Cerulean” in our basement which has been home to punk band practices for well over a decade. But yeah, there’s alot of music in Philly.

Josh: Do you think naming your project after a place in Alabama has worked to influence your songwriting at all?

Katie: Naming it that? No. LIVING IN ALABAMA has shaped my life and my work though. Definitely.

Josh: Do you have any favorite/least favorite things about playing hometown shows?

Katie: It’s a little weird. That brand of nostalgia. I love coming home so much. Playing in Birmingham evokes alot of different feelings. It’s been very good to me, though.

Josh: How has your background in the Birmingham DIY scene prepared you for the amount of attention that you’re receiving now? Do you think it has hurt or helped?

Katie: Oh I think its been one of the biggest advantages of my life. I feel like it’s shaped my priorities.

Josh: What can we look forward to from your other project, Great Thunder?

Katie: We have a double LP coming out later this year on Salinas.


Take a listen to Katie’s handiwork below.

— Joshua Matthews for You can follow him at @jmmbhamfm on Twitter.


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