TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS! Taking Back Sunday is coming to the Magic City!

It was 2002. I was 15. Up until that year, I was a country nut. Tim McGraw, Shania Twain, Jo Dee Messina, Faith Hill, Alan Jackson, these were my go-to artists. Then my friend Natalie (another awesome Bham resident!) introduced me to her CD collection, which included bands such as Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory, and Brand New. We were on a field trip to Atlanta to go to the High Museum. I will never forget that bus ride. It was the first time I had heard “new music” besides country that I liked, no I LOVED! I was always into the oldies, The Stones, The Beatles, Hendrix, the good stuff my parents always played on their record player; but modern rock music didn’t appeal to me. (Okay, that’s a lie. In the 5th grade, I wrote in my notebook that my favorite song was “anything by Creed!”) But after my embarrassing Creed (and Kid Rock) obsession disappeared by my 7th grade year, I was all country. I can attribute this to going to a Christian school in the middle of a cotton field in Dothan, AL, but I digress. After hearing some of Natalie’s CDs on that field trip, I logged onto AOL and started reading music forums related to the music Natalie played me.

One of the first albums I found out about was a new release called “Tell All Your Friends” by a band called Taking Back Sunday. I immediately opened up Napster or Limewire, or whatever it was at the time, and downloaded the album (ILLEGALLY, I KNOW. I’M SORRY!) Wow. This album was GREAT! It was, at the time, the first album I actually listened to all the way through every time. No “filler songs” or songs I couldn’t get into, just pure gold all the way through. This album helped open me up to a world of different music and, sorry to sound cheesy, made me who I am today. This is why I’m absolutely over the moon that Taking Back Sunday is coming to Birmingham! They will be performing at Iron City on Sunday, October 27th, and they are bringing Transit and Polar Bear Club with them. I have no doubts it is going to be a KILLER show at an AMAZING venue. Do yourselves a favor and make sure you don’t miss out!

Tickets can be purchased here.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Opening for TBS will be none other than friends of the site, Sloss Minor (feat Rachael herself & her rockstar hubby Andy Jackson). This show is gonna be off the chain! AAAAH!


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