Photos: Looksy/Healing Power/Holy Youth

Yes, these are late. As far as Internet Time is concerned, this show occurred in the mists of yesterweek. But hey, I took pictures, then they sat around for a while… and aged. Got better. Mellower, smoother. Anyways.

So going into this show I wrote about how awesome Holy Youth was at Secret Stages and that was pretty much the reason I wanted to go. As it turns out, this show (which was put on by Secret Stage-r Travis Morgan) had another Secret.


That secret was how incredibly good and weird and yet still good Healing Power from Cincinnati is. They discussed how one of their songs was written because it was heard in a dream in which they were backstage at a Kiss show, and could barely make out the melody. I believe them. They wear the exact same clothes and even shoes, by the way. I don’t know why. They put on a hell of a show of completely, utterly unclassifiable music.

Looksy from Tuscaloosa and Holy Youth of Montevallo were just fine- but these guys put on a weird and wonderful show and are worth pointing out. Here’s some photos of the night.


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