BHAMFM Staff Pick Best Shows Left in 2013 (part I)

Every ticket you need to buy for the rest of the year from Bottletree, Iron City, The Forge or The Nick. Get your pen & paper handy. If you can’t find anything you like, first check your pulse and then hold up because we’ll be back in a few days with more of our staff’s hot takes.


I (obviously) am Xs on the calendar until Arctic Monkeys at Iron City October 9th. Being that close to Alex Turner & Matt Helders will cure the masses of every malady.

Same with Neutral Milk Hotel October 20. I have seen Jeff Mangum live before — in Athens a few years ago when he came out of seclusion — and it was like a religious experience for the audience. Iron City is a different ballgame than the 40 Watt but hopefully the bar will shut the hell up and dim the lights if they are smart so everyone there will get the chance to be a part of what’s going to be history. He seems to be on a rigorous touring schedule now, but who’s to say he won’t become a recluse again and we resort to phone videos and the world’s currency becomes limited edition rerelease NMH vinyl. Alright. End of Mad Max fanfic.

On a more immediate note, seeing grunge rockers GT// return from their tour next week on the 17th to Bottletree will be an exciting show. Also, St Paul & the Broken Bones doing a 2 night residence there September 27th & 28th, on Friday performing a medley of Wilson Pickett hits & Saturday giving the same treatment to Otis Blue. Birmingham is lucky as hell to have them.

Listen to GT’s album below



Local Natives are bringing their brand of SoCal music to Iron City in October. I just went back and listened to the latest record “Hummingbird” again to remind me of what I might hear at the show. On it you will find tight harmonies, epic swells and crescendos during the songs, and tremendous musicianship. These Cali bros know how to sing and play and I have a feeling this record will translate well in a live setting. I saw them play at Workplay a few years ago to a small crowd and the sound completely filled the room. Don’t miss an opportunity to hear good singing and playing, go check out Local Natives at Iron City on 10/1.

For fans of: Fleet Foxes, Beach Boys, Grizzly Bear, The National, Band of Horses

Wild Nothing. I’ve already written about this band once for our site but I decided to reinforce how excited I am about seeing them anyway. Wild Nothing is opening for Local Natives at the aforementioned show at Iron City in October. If you read my post then you already know Wild Nothing has a vintage 1980s, New Wave quality to their music. There will be plenty of synths, drum machine hand claps, and shoegazing but also very tight instrumentation. Wild Nothing offers a uniquely different sound that you don’t normally find in a lot of modern bands outside of, maybe, the UK. With both Wild Nothing and Local Natives playing on the same ticket but with very different sounds, this one is not to be missed. Get some new music in your ears and come to this show.

For fans of: Talking Heads, Peter Gabriel, DIIV, Beach Fossils, New Order

Waxahatchee: Hometown girl makes good! Former PS Eliot and Ackleys alum (who calls Philly home now) Katie Crutchfield has been making some serious waves in the music world with her solo project Waxahatchee. A nice blend of bedroom pop and classic alternative is what you can expect on Katie’s latest album “Cerulean Salt” (artwork done by Birmingham celeb photog Ryan Russell). There’s a lot of angst and heartbreak in these songs but some nice crunchy guitar sounds too. I’ve been excited about Waxahatchee ever since I heard about them on indie tastemaker music website, Pitchfork. Katie and the band ran the festival circuit this Summer hitting Pitchfork Fest and FYF in LA, and now they are coming “home” to Bottletree on 9/20. Come out and see “the next big thing”!

For fans of: Liz Phair, Hole, Vivian Girls, Cat Power




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Planet with So So Glos. Bottletree just announced them on the calendar last night and you have to go. OCTOBER 11th. End of.



Clutch with The Sword at Iron City – 9/16/13

Iron City finally gets on the heavy metal train with this show. I’m sure Clutch will bring their artsy blues metal swing while The Sword will handle every attendee’s New Wave of British Heavy Metal nostalgia. Here’s hoping Birmingham’s fancy new venue is ready for the grease-monkey mechanics and stoned-out heshers this show is likely to attract.

Legion, Deism & more at the Forge – 9/28/13

Birmingham hardcore/metal/OHMYGOD stalwarts Legion headline this six-band, locals only bill of harsh metal, hardcore, noise, screamo and punk. Even my calloused ears will probably cry out for earplugs during this destructive lineup. The Forge is regularly booking respectable touring bands, and this day of local darkness should be a good time.

Lazer/Wulf with Future Primitives and GLORIES at the Nick – 9/26/13

Fresh off a tour with fellow Georgians Kylesa, Lazer/Wulf were my metal highlight from Secret Stages. They absolutely slayed, destroyed, smashed, etc. during their short set at Das Haus. Mostly instrumental metal that jumps wildly from genre to genre in every single song. I’m looking forward to seeing the band again and impatiently awaiting their new album.

Kylesa with Pinkish Black, Sierra and Capsized at the Bottletree – 10/2/13

Speaking of Kylesa, the psychedelic metal collective will grace the stage at Bottletree once again with a few interesting bands in tow. For older metalheads in Birmingham, that band listing is not a typo. Capsized has returned from Hades and is once again destroying eardrums around town. I haven’t seen them since their return, but I’m already looking forward to their set here.


5 thoughts on “BHAMFM Staff Pick Best Shows Left in 2013 (part I)

  1. Iron horse is having a show tonight with the bands, 3 Pill Morning , Longreef , Dory Drive , Crashing Broadway and Black Tomorrow which is out of Alabma so why not give this show some love and a spotlight… The show is this evening..


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