People are always asking me for new music recommendations. A lot of times I might not hear back from the person for a while after I give them them some names and then, a few months later, they are all like, “Dude, I listened to that band you told me about. They rule! Where’d you hear about them?”. I totally get it though. I do that too. People are busy. It’s not easy to just drop everything and listen to something someone told you about. But the question that gets me is where I hear about these bands but I’m going to save that for another post (Oooh…teaser!).


One “source” I don’t mind revealing is the amazing indie music blog Gorilla Vs. Bear (one of my go-to sites for killer playlists and good information on new music). That’s where I first saw the name London Grammar. Like the example above, GvsB gave me a recommendation (I saw this band on their site and read a quick blurb) like six months ago and never listened to a single second of a song until just now.

Now, I don’t know a whole hell of a lot about London Grammar other than they are a trio with a girl singer who sounds a lot like that Florence chick from the Machine band. Not quite as loud and strong perhaps, but as far as tonality, she’s very similar. London Grammar is also getting a lot of comparisons to another British trio called the XX. I’ve linked two of my favorite tracks below (one of which just the lead singer does a guest spot on, and it comes from my favorite record of the year, something else I’ll talk about later):

London Grammar – Metal & Dust

Disclosure – Help Me Lose My Mind



This band is super tight and the songs I’m about to drop on you are perfect for your Fall Party Playlists. The name of the band should just about give you all the info you need on these dudes. They released their first album, entitled “Tough Love”, on Fools Gold records in August. It’s packed with hot, dance floor jammers just like these two:

Party Supplies – New York 2017

Party Supplies – Beautiful Girl




The chillest and most lo-fi of the three, Pure Bathing Culture also features a female vocalist who reminds me a bit of Carly Simon. This is good music for those early fall nights when it’s still warm out but just the slightest bit of wind is blowing. Good music for sitting outside at night, I guess. The song below has been playing on repeat on XMU as of late and has become one of my favorites of the year:

Pure Bathing Culture – Pendulum

There it is, that’s three bands I’ve been into lately. Three good suggestions for music you should check out too. I’m always trying to keep an open mind anytime someone recommends music for me. It’s important to keep it fresh when it comes to music. Your new favorite band could be the next one you ignore.



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