This year’s best “Secret”- Holy Youth

One of those unspoken rules about the new BHAM FM that is so unspoken that I haven’t even said it to anyone out loud is that I don’t want to write things that expire. “Oh hey this band is playing next Monday, you should go see them”. It seems counter-intuitive to me to write something with such a short shelf life.

So let’s, basically, do that. But I can wrap it in something else, which is always good. Like bacon.

In 2009, in what would become the final days of City Stages, we were running a little website that some Brits stole from us. In addition to that future injustice, City Stages had to get real lean, dropping the local bands stage that traditionally sat across from the Miller Lite stage. When it was in operation, it was a thing of beauty. You could hear a local band while the next “big” band set up on the Miller stage, and it ping-ponged back and forth all night. I discovered many bands at that stage, and loved the concept. They killed it. I don’t blame them for that, but it happened. So my wife (our Glorious Editor Whitney) said “hell with it, let’s put on our own local stage at Speakeasy.” And so we did.

2 years later, Sam George and Travis Morgan and probably other people I don’t know had an idea- bring bands in nobody has ever heard of, and put it in various bars on 1st and 2nd Avenue North. It wasn’t the same thing as the thing we did, but Sam asked if they could use the name. We, of course, said hell yes. Secret Stages, initially a dig at City Stages, would live on. And be something even greater than we could have imagined.

Whitney and I have attended all three proper Secret Stages, and loved every minute of it. It’s the thing I look forward to each year and the thing that I can point to that makes Birmingham amazing. I’ve seen so many good things in so many weird places (Easy Street, for instance) that I won’t bore you with them here.

Each year I find one act that just absolutely blows me away. 2011, without a doubt, it was The Howlies. They broke up, and that makes me very sad. They channeled the Ramones, which is something I will always appreciate.

2012, I have two bands. KLUB Monsta playing in a tent to about 20 people was like going to church. Baby Baby was insanity and as fun as any show I can remember.

Holy Youth
Holy Youth at Das Haus during 2013 Secret Stages

2013, though. 2013 was Holy Youth. Four kids from Montevallo blasting Das Haus. I loved it. I couldn’t believe I’d never heard of them. Whitney would probably say it was New Madrid (who we saw earlier this week at Iron City), but for me, without a doubt, it was Holy Youth.

Which leads me to the part where I tell you something you only have 2 days to act on- Holy Youth is playing Bottletree Wednesday night with Looksy and Healing Power. I can’t wait to see them again. They have an EP on Bandcamp. Here’s the song I like:

So go see them Wednesday night at Bottletree. Let’s not make this any more complex than that. Here’s some more info about Looksy and Healing Power:

Healing Power – (Cincinnati, OH)

The Kinks and Devo covering U2 and The Ramones. Fronted by Al Green.
“The group’s grasp on the finer points of cooking up melodies and honeycombs far surpasses their years… They are songs that will challenge you, make you swoon and also make peer out longingly to the twinkling stars up above on a clear-lit night.”
–Daytrotter“A youthful, open-eared quartet enlivened with a kick-ass record collection, ceiling-less imagination, ragged guitars, and songwriting chops for days.”
Loosky – (Tuscaloosa, AL)
“Their first collection of music, Poor Ole Devil, showed their strengths: hard driving, garage sound with stops and starts that keep things sonically interesting; Ingram’s voice, an original with hints of Jack White; powerful guitar chops; pure rock songs.”
-Well That’s Cool

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