I can’t believe I’m listening to a new Pixies EP

tumblr_motoiheyxC1sokhxqo1_500 copySeriously. It’s real. I can prove it. See?

4 songs. Let’s talk about them because THIS IS A NEW PIXIES EP.

Andro Queen is a bit of a sleeper. I kept expecting…something… to happen and it doesn’t. It’s not bad. It’s just there.

Another Toe In The Ocean is more like it. I hear Joey Santiago on this song. Maybe it trafficks a bit too much in Velouria, Monkey Gone to Heaven. I forgive it.

Indy Cindy quickly establishes itself as the most Pixiest Pixie song since, well, Bagboy I guess. But before that? Trompe Le Monde? Anyways,

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this is a Pixies song. There are about 10 things about it that makes it a Pixies song.

1. Frank talksings

2. Slow melody

3. Strumming guitar

4. Music stop while Frank talksings.

5. Joey Santiago goes crazy on a guitar and it sounds like no one else.

6. You hear surf, but it’s not surf.

7. Part of the song makes you sway and smile when nobody is looking. Perhaps a head nod.

8. The lyrics are nonsensical but you like them.

9. A well placed “fuck”

10. Joey Santiago. I can hear his guitar a mile away.

If you can’t tell, this song makes me happy.

What Goes Boom ends this EP. Starts chaotic and fast. Oh my God, I wrote the above before hearing this one. THIS IS THE ONE. THIS IS THE BEST PIXIES SONG IN 22 YEARS.


Let’s get a few things straight. I don’t miss Kim. I appreciate her but if she was holding up new Pixies songs, then I’m happy to see her go. Bagboy (the first new Pixies song released months ago) featured a Kim sound-alike which was a little strange to me. The song was clearly written when there was Kim involved, and when she left, they found some dude who could sing like Kim Deal. It’s not a terrible song, I just don’t like the meta. This stuff- this stuff is of a different grade to me.

I suspect there will be some negativity regarding this release. Maybe you’re one of them. Those people are joyless assholes who shit on everything that’s good. Fuck them.

Except for you, of course. You read BHAM FM so you must be alright.

You can buy it at the link above or, ahem, have a sample listen on the internet.



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