British Invasion: Stream The 1975’s Debut LP

Hey y’all, shya boy @LoneXI aka Will aka Yung Heartthrob making his humble debut on this lovely website. Full disclosure: I’m a gonna be your resident Northerner. *ducks flying tomato* HEY WAIT MAN LEMME FINISH JEEZ.

THERE, album art. So, anyway, to the point of me being here: I occasionally like to share awesome, cool music I stumble across. And, having known the esteemed Whitney for a couple years now (Lil Whit the homie), we share a bond over cool British rock bands. So, with that in mind, let me share this one with y’all: here’s The 1975. They’re an awesome indie pop band from the bowels of the UK, and their self-titled debut LP comes out this week. Here’s a sneak preview stream for ya:

I’ve seen these guys live twice in the span of a week, once at South by Southwest, and then again in Pittsburgh where I live now. And I gotta say, they put on one of the best live shows I’ve seen yet. High level of musicianship, and a distinctly throwback sound that I love. Check out the video for their single “The City”:

This is the type of music that makes me want to flail around the room like the distinctly white person I am and call it “dancing”. It’s very summery, uptempo Britpop, but when the lads dig down deeper in their arsenal, they can pull out tracks like Head.Cars.Bending (check out the live and studio recordings

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because they’re so different but they both FUCKING RULE). I can’t wait for this album to drop so I can roll through the fringes of the Bible Belt blasting weird accents out my scuffed-up Honda Fit.

Be sure to cop their debut LP, The 1975, when it drops on Tuesday. For 7.99, I guarantee bang for your buck.


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