Whit’s Sunday Crush: KING KRULE

It’s tomorrow for all you haters who thought I was done with deep voice Brits. HERE’S SOME MORE.

Welcome to King Krule. I first got turned on to them when a friend casually mentioned them as good heartbreak fodder on Twitter. I starred the tweet. “I’ll get back to it/I should listen later/Yeah yeah”. All the things you say when you mean to seek out good things but for some reason never get around to it and instead leave “lol” comments on your aunt’s reactionary evangelical Facebook posts (or whatever).

Sometimes it’s better just to hear a voice without having the associated image. I’ll get to that later. Anyway, I got around to King Krule AND GOOD GOD. If you like any of the following bands, jump on this Krule wagon: Babyshambles, Drenge, Morrissey, Chet Baker, Modest Mouse. He sounds so much like an old, mad British crooner but I can’t quite place it. I’ve also heard his brand of pleading in lots of indie lately but there it goes again… I can’t place it.

I’ve never been a fan of jazz. Of course, I’m one of those heretics who has to have jazz presented to me in bastardized ways by white people to enjoy it. And maybe I’m the reason Miles Davis once said he didn’t give a shit if white people bought his albums. Oops.

Maybe it’s because Archy Marshall is a 19 year old ginger, art school Brit kid who is so genuinely inspired by jazz that his voice kind of melts into the band as opposed to scraping you like so much young grunge British indie lately. And it just might work. It DOES work.

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He’s been harassed by the likes of white rapper Mac Miller and two Odd Future MCs eager to work with him as both a DJ & a solo artist.

I cannot get over his angry, deep baritone. AND HE’S 19. This has happened to me twice this year! AAH. Very glad I don’t live in London, where old gals like me might catch a case after watching teenagers perform sets akin to Nick Cave and then just shrug it off. Insanity. Here’s footage from an entire concert of his. The counterpoint is likely to make you explode. And just as likely to make you fall in love with ole Archy.

Archy is reported to have had an epiphany — as much as you can at 18 I’m guessin’ — that he no longer wanted to be the artist known as Zoo Kid, DJ JD Sports and Edgar The Beatmaker. He was very well known for such a young artist, but he wanted to be able to grow, stretch and make his product ageless. I make fun of his scrawny gingerness and age, but I’m glad as hell he made that realization or we wouldn’t get the moody, romantic and complicated songs that we did on King Krule’s first album 6 Feet Beneath The Moon. He studied at the same music school as Adele, so maybe his classical training got the best of him, thank God.

I’ve listened to pretty much nothing but this dude on repeat for the past few nights and I think the thing that perplexes me the most is the lack of bass. Usually when you hear vocals like this they are firmly attached to a new wave heartthrob and I am more OK with that than I should admit. However, in this case, I’m grateful he ripped a page out of the drummer in That Thing You Do‘s book and said “Fuck it, I’m gonna be the jazz kid”. Kudos, Arch.

I’ll be hanging on your every word until your next project. As far as I know, he’s only playing major US cities & a few UK and French dates so I’ll be setting up google alerts for tour dates as soon as I click Publish on this article. Ha.

Here’s his new album on Spotify if you’re into that sort of thing.


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