Wavves, others in GTA V soundtrack

Whitney introduced me to Wavves, and I may like them better than her. It happens sometimes. She played Girls for me and I just straight up hijacked them. Speaking of hijacking things- VIDEO GAMES.

Grand Theft Auto V is coming out soon. You’ll know because you won’t see me for a while. I’ll be busy. Just leave a message. Preferably on Xbox Live. And even though you are a hipster who has no time for video games because you abhor fun and forgot the child-like joy of driving down a sidewalk murdering virtual pedestrians, let me drop this on you from Pitchfork, who is just rewriting the original story. Inception drone sound:

In addition to Wavves and Flying Lotus, Pam Grier will host a soul station, Bootsy Collins will host an Eighties boogie-funk station, Kenny Loggins will host the classic rock station, and Jesco White (from The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia) will host Rebel Radio, an outlaw country station. There’s also a pop station and two talk radio stations.

It appears that Rockstar Games may

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have some money to throw around. The game is supposed to feature 240 songs, and 20 movies worth of score. That sounds alright. I’ll be over here, selling my plasma to buy it when it drops September 17.

Oddly, Rolling Stone has all the details. Pitchfork has a preview of Flying Lotus FM as well.


One thought on “Wavves, others in GTA V soundtrack

  1. I’m stoked for this game. I’m not much of a “gamer” but I’ve always loved the GTAs. It’s funny when I was in college at Ole Miss I was a DJ at Rebel Radio. Never saw Jesco White though!


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