The One in Which Whitney is in Her Wheelhouse: BRAGGY RAPPERS

I gave myself a week to calm down. So here we are. KENDRICK LAMAR.

(#poet #didnt #know #it)

He recently guested on Big Sean’s 8 minute opus titled “Control”.


There’s a lot of branches, switches and twigs on the hiphop family tree but Kendrick Lamar turned into what would happen if the folks at CERN decided to bring Tupac out of hiding & have him do an lyrical assassins album with Kanye when he’s angry.

The closest thing I have ever heard to this verse is the anger & targeting that bellowed out of my speakers the first time I heard “Hit Em Up” as a teenager.

He calls out every every popular MC and counterpart to a dizzying point. Alot of people were surprised. I mean, if you’ve ever heard Kendrick’s “Rigormortis” or are a fan of his unique flow at all, you could’ve seen this coming.

Shall we list? No but this handy flow chart from Buzzfeed is most necessary. Don’t be drinking anything as you read (a heads up, y’all).

Some rap veterans like my close personal friend (and imaginary husband) T.I. actually weren’t that injured by it and responded in kind directly, not with a vitriolic popback but a simple & well-worded response to a Vibe magazine interviewer.

Pusha T, everyone’s fave hypebeast and member of twinsies group Clipse, fired back directly via Twitter. He’s done similar shit himself so that was no surprise and actually made this showdown (if it ever happens) a little more interesting.

Kendrick showed no bounds on age, race, city or style. He was basically just saying “I am the best AAAAAAAAH”. Except the AAAAAAAAAH was an expletive filled list of his contemporaries. Ok? Whatever works.

Personally, I’d prefer all the violence, drug dealing and boasted violence to be imaginary in hiphop (HEY RICK ROSS) since the 90s brand of gangsta rap was not very conducive to the cream of the crop MCs, well, staying alive.

If you are, somehow, interested in the blast radius of it all and a bunch of people who weren’t even mentioned chiming in on his verse, then by all means click here to see the sadness.

As you’ve seen on the site since we started, my husband Chris is a massive Kanye fan. This is all very new, in the sense of he wouldve never been into Kanye when we first started dating.

And so that exact thing lends truth to Mississippi rapper BIG K.R.I.T.’s claim that Lamar’s verse was just for sport. In other words, a stunt.



The only surprising things AT ALL to me about this track are length & Jay Electronica getting a little reckless. I sort of look to him as the KRS-ONE of our generation. Hmm.

I personally enjoy competition, so Roll Tide to ya, Kendrick. I enjoy complete takeovers and knowing what’s the best of almost anything I dig into.

Him proclaiming it in the public realm in no uncertain terms reminds me of a certain claim a few years ago that I even bought a t-shirt emblazoned with the words to show my support for grandiose bipolar bragadociousness in hiphop.

Everybody click that very last link and listen because everyone in every place at every time needs a lil of that genius Ghostface + Neyo + Kanye track in their life.



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