Old person enjoys The Replacements reunion show

I have listened to The Replacements off and on since 1986. I remember quite clearly taking a tape of Don’t Tell A Soul (along with Key Lime Pie by Camper Van Beethoven) on a camping trip. The tape broke in my walkman and I had to dissect the remains of it carefully with my knife. There’s no worse feeling than that point of no return when you knew that the tape would not be put back together, that this was a loss. All things considered, if you are going to lose a Replacements tape it’s probably best that it’s Don’t Tell A Soul. At least it wasn’t Tim or Let It Be.

I did not expect a show after a 22 year hiatus to actually be any good. I stand corrected. There’s talk of a tour eventually. Iron City, do not fail me.

I can’t really say anything else but link to this NINE THOUSAND word story written by Patrick Stickles of Titus Andronicus about the show. I love that band and Patrick and he uses all the words.



One thought on “Old person enjoys The Replacements reunion show

  1. Excited to listen to this. I’ve spent a few long nights with some of their classics, and I’m guessing they’re old enough to keep things loose…even sober.

    I went to see a band at The Nick on a work night a few years back. I came out of the bathroom and was getting ready to clear my tab when the first track of Tim started playing on the jukebox. I asked the bartender, “Are you playing this whole album?” “Yep.” “I’ll take another beer then.” Stayed out an hour later, drinking beers and talking to weirdos because I couldn’t leave while the album was playing. Good times.


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